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Top Ten Sexiest Piano Players, #6, Yula Beeri

Warning: A diva is a woman who is extremely talented. The term was originally used to refer to stars of the operatic world, and now more generally to talk about talented female musicians in all genres.

This term is Italian, taken from the Latin diva, which means “goddess” or “divine one.” The use of the term is meant to suggest that a woman is so incredibly talented that her voice in performance approaches the divine.

As we get closer to #1 I would like to add my definition to the above description.
A "diva" to me is a woman performer who takes my mind to a place it can not relax in.

When I'm watching her, I can not focus during the performance, I watch her face, her eyes, her feet,
the instrument she may be playing, the audience reaction, and the music just seems to float by.
And when the performance is over I want a "reply" button, to try to focus on other things I missed the first time around.
We are now in "diva" territory. Enter at your own risk!


She can stand in front of the bandstand of her Ro/Punk band and talk shit to you, then she will sit at the piano, smile and take your heart away! She takes a rhythmic semi punk sound, surrounds herself with wonderful musicians and brings the genre to a universal acceptance.

Yula Beeri,

Yula is so much more than a pianist...leader, singer, composer, writer, actress and creator of all things good.

here is a sample and my favorite:

...maker of Honey at The Hive, promoter of artistic events to improve her community, encouraging peace in life... is a composition that best shows the simplistic charm of Yula...

..just added May 9th, Yula's latest:

                                                        Yula Beeri, #6.

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