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Answer #5, Ten more to go...

This weeks $15 ITunes gift card goes to RW, from NYC. This was the question I selected to be this week's winner! I have 10 more to give away, one a week for the next 10 weeks.

Q; In your review of Abby Ahmad you said her song "Landing Gear" ranks with Dylan's classic "The Times They Are A-changin" and Barry McGuire's "Eve of Destruction" did you really mean that? Or were you just blowing smoke?

My answer:  First of all RW, the cigarettes I have smoked in my life were the ones you want to keep the smoke in!  
Second of all, take a good look at my blog. There are NO paid ads, no pop ups selling shit. My point is best described by the cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn..."I sezz what I means, and I means what I sezz!"

There is no bigger Dylan fan then yours truly. His words are poetry of the highest form, and McGuire's "Eve of Destruction" is a masterpiece....and both fit the times they were released, with a political savvy and insight.

Abby Ahmad has done that with "Landing Gear". The difference is Abby is living in a time when the masses are slow to catch on, because they are politically ignorant. If you read the lyrics to "Landing Gear" it's as if you are watching a news report from this afternoon, or any afternoon of this decade. I truly think the tune ranks with Dylan and McGuire's takes on our society!

here's Abby:

Abby Ahmad,

here's the review:

RW...thanks for the great question!!
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