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Top Ten Sexiest Piano Players, #3, Clara Lofaro

When I see her perform, every emotion I have gets a jolt. I wonder how such lyrics can be written by such a young songstress...poignant, universal words of love, heartbreak, joy, reminiscence, and optimism. Her work on the piano is just as explicit, completing the mystique, of this wonderful young artist...Clara Lofaro.

...her CD, "Clara Lofaro" is wonderful, her single and Video "Just Smile" will be all over TV this spring...listen here to Clara's words and piano...I love this tune called "Wrinkled $".. 

...get to know Clara a bit...with this interview...

...this is the tune that Clara wrote for her dad..and dad's everywhere, a classic....."Daddy's Song"
the lyrics, melody, Clara's voice, and the piano are arrows through my heart... 

                                                           Clara Lofaro #3

Clara will be at the Canal Room, NYC...January, 25th!!

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