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JJ, from the garden spot of the world, Brooklyn USA, wins this week's $15 gift card from ITunes.

The Question; "Of all the live performances you have seen from the artists you write about, which did you enjoy the most?"

Well, I almost threw this question out, because I did not want to single out one artists and risk making others seem slighted, because I have seen some awesome gigs from these remarkable performers.
But then I remembered I said I would answers and be totally honest. Soooooo...
Last Spring I went to Caffe Vivaldi to see Clara Lofaro.

It was a 6 PM gig, the first of the night, and usually the crowd is small. But, the joint was full. Vivaldi seats about 30 people and it was full, full with women, a large group, some kind of event or office party, birthday party something.

I chatted with Clara then she went on, a duo, her and a bass player. She squeezed her petite self behind the Concert Grand Piano they have there, and I thought...this is gonna be a tough gig!!

Thirty or so women chatting, eating, the Vino was flowing, and I though they would be lost in their event and ignore the music.

About halfway through the second number, the audience was lost,
they were lost in the mastery of that Grand Piano, and the captivating lyrics of Clara's compositions, they were completely focused on her.

She then came out from behind the piano and did an Acapella number "Trouble", I though well she will lose them now...NOT.
They seems to love her more and participated in the number.

By the end of the set when Clara finished with "Daddy's Song" I was holding back tears and you could hear a pin drop in that room, that just a short while ago was an arcade of chatter and glasses clanging.

I still remember that night, and think I will always remember it, and Clara, just taking all the people in that room on a wonderful musical ride to peace and love!!

Clara Lofaro

So there it is JJ, last Spring, Caffe Vivaldi, NYC......Clara Lofaro!

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Here is "Daddy's Song"...

Clara will be at: Vivaldi again Feb 2d, Jones and Bleeker Streets, NYC

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