StreetcredMusic...This blog has followed a quote I heard many years ago..."Sometimes you must leap first, and build your wings on the way down". From nothing it has become a blog containing dozens of Indie artists. Follow me as I introduce you to them, from the place where they breed, New York City! ....and come with us as we document it on film!!

COVER: ...Here are some badass women.

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Top Ten Sexiest Piano Players, #1, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh

She is spiritual, but belongs to no religion. She fights for woman's rights. I met her in 1988, did not know who she was.  She was involved in the Thelonious Monk piano competition in Washington, DC. I though she was a Princess from the 19th Century when I met her, after I heard her play I knew she was from the future.

....she asked the bartender if she had any honey, and stupid me asked "do you sing too?" 
...looking back now, I realize how dumb that must have sounded to her, this woman's voice is of another world!

listen: as she takes Gershwin to another level...

...from Azerbaijan, nicknamed Jazziza, as a 2 year old, because she sang and danced to jazz.... known as "The Princess of Jazz", here is Aziza getting sounds a piano only makes when it is in love with the artist. Doing Gershwin

"for me the spiritual part of life is most important, minds must connect" 

                                                                         Aziza Mustafa Zadeh #1


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