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Answer #6, Nine more to go...

Mary L, from Queens, NYC, gets this week's $15 ITunes gift card because I picked her question, I have nine more to give away, one a week!!

The question: "You say you are a non profit blog, why are there ad's on your blog?"

My answer:  Great question Mary, the answer is easy, I post them because they are either friends or places, venues or people who have helped make the blog the success that is.

The Avon ad is my dear friend Holly. The Katrina's ad is a venue that is not only a good place to go, but the owner, Katrina has live music every night and is truly trying help local artists. The Classic Soul Network is there because I love Classic Soul! take the 15 bucks and buy some music from the wonderful artists you see on Streetcred!!

Don't tell, but that's Ivete Sangalo!

Thanks Mary for taking the time!!

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