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Answer #10, Five more $15 gift cards to ITunes to give away.

This week's $15 ITunes gift card goes to "Maggie the Cat"  from Brooklyn, NYC.

The question is: "you tell us all about the personalities of the musicians you write about...
which one of them knows the most about you?" 

I'm busted, I said I would give full, honest answers. I really had to think this one out!
I'm gonna disqualify my long time friend Cheryl Jacubowski Quillen, because I did write about her when she sang in a talent show at work....and she knew me back in the day, and if she paid attention she could ruin me.

I assume you want to know which artist/musician knows the most about me soooooo...let me think?
There are three I have to consider ...I will NOT name all three.

This is really knows some deep dark secrets, one knows more about my life in it's totality, and one knows the most about the last three years since I started the blog!!

OK, OK, OK,>>> I'll say, Oh wait, I just remembered, one more who I drank Vodka with at the Russian Tea Room????   That's four. And she now knows who she is.

Done: I have to go with the one who knows the deep dark secrets...Clara Lofaro.

Thanks "Maggie the Cat"..BTW that's my favorite character in American Lit.
...from "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof."

...thanks for taking the time to write! Enjoy the $15 gift card!!

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