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On...The CD is "Box Of Costumes"

"On" is the duo of Naaran Barzilay, guitar and vocals, and Adam Halfi who will fixate you as he plays keys and drums simultaneously! Together they project some wonderful sounds, creative, alive and as "rock" as they are unique.
Naaran Barzilay, vocal, "On"
Seeing them live at Pianos in New York was a treat for me. Their music gave me a feeling of the confidence they had in performing it. I felt a part of their projection from the stage. It was music one could lose yourself in, BUT at no time did I feel a disconnect with the artists.

The set seemed to be a continuous effort from the stage to "give" to the audience a feeling...a feeling that you could choose to invoke yourself as you watched. At times "rock" in a unique form, that never took you far from reality as some do, other times a more relaxed effort to bring some tranquility to the room, and the listeners.

 The CD that "ON" has released is "Box Of Costumes" 

The work is just as pleasing to the ear as the duo is live, I loved it.

The title tune paints a picture we are all familiar with, our first encounter with our desire to explore
well, perhaps to explore the loss of innocents. Which Naaran describes so correctly when he calls it a "ring of fire".

"Not Much To Say"  is another cut from "Box Of Costumes" several other cuts, the lyrics could stand alone as poetry. "There is a shore over the sea, it is a thin bridge that we are crossing....I'm crossing with you"
...add those beautiful words to a powerfully delivered melodic line, and you have the core of "On".

I have selected this as one of the Top Five CD's I have reviewed this year....



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