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Walt Disney, Clara Lofaro, Super Bowl...FUMBLE!

I have always been positive about the marvelous Academy Award winning songs the Disney studios have produced over the years. Their wonderful tunes, lyrics and the stories they were written for are unmatched in cinema USA!

...and the artists they chose to perform them has been a perfect match every time.

BUT...I have to throw a penalty flag at the studio for it's Super Bowl choices...the penalty is for a "false start"
....because if they had waited just a few months until Clara Lofaro emerges as the "Star" she is destined to be in 2013....Disney will want her back!

I don't know who this "Prince Charming" wanna be is that was singing "When You Wish Upon A Star" Sunday...I was patiently awaiting the end of the game to hear the "Snow White" pure tones and the "Cinderella" like charm of Clara Lofaro. Clara had been doing the classic for several years.

So Disney are must go back five years and do it over again, and make it right!!
Give us "CLo"

Clara singing the tune....

FYI, Disney peeps, yes we know a Cricket sang it in the Movie, but it was a Soprano, Julietta Novis who the songs creator chose to do it on the 4-78RPM album that was released after the movie!!

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