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Maria Cangiano, "Heart Of A Woman"

I know most of you will not know the name Maria Cangiano, and that's good, because now I'll turn you on to a wonderful artist and a genre that needs to be heard.

Maria Cangiano,

It will be my pleasure to introduce you to Maria, and her "Latin World" music.

Maria is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, after seventeen years in New York City she has returned to Argentina to a more "comfortable" way of life. She owns property there as opposed to being a tenant in NY.

She is happy with the cultural "boom" there in the arts, music, theater and cinema.

  Maria:  "I realized I can do my dream working with the musicians I always wanted who really know Latin American music and cross it with Jazz and everything else..Many of my projects seem to be completely possible here, among them actually the CD (Heart Of A Woman) that right away was welcomed by the record label EPSA, one of the best of Argentina."

I  asked Maria the two questions I ask everyone...1. If were leaving the planet and could only take one album with you, which would you take?   She shocked me when she said the The Beatles, "Sargent Pepper".
2. If you could play with anyone who would you choose, she gave an answer several have given me in the past, Herbie Hancock.

"Latin World" Maria
   I asked Maria to speak a bit about herself and these were her enchanting words..

"Finally and not at all the least, because I am a Buddhist, I was chanting a lot to discover the place where I belong, and I said to myself, it will be the place where the heart will take me, and here I am. I am still in transition, and it is not easy, but I feel I am reconnecting with everything that is me, at a deepest personal level, and I feel better. I still feel I am a global citizen and I see my mission as an artist and a Buddhist beyond Argentina, in the world. For many reasons I could not imagine the same settling in NYC. I need this re-encounter with my deepest self."

That is a brief BIO of this woman who has left her mark in Opera, Jazz, and given so many of her fans
joy and love. Her CD release is scheduled for sometime in September in New York City...stay tuned!!

You can be a part of the new CD, and receive some great perks!....

Maria's wonderful sounds are available here...

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