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Answer #9, six more ITUNES gift cards to give away!

...this week's question emailed to me, is from, BillyW,  in Brooklyn, NY.

Billy gets a $15 gift card from ITunes....

The question is: "what are your two favorite pieces of music"?

Billy you are not going to get an answer you expected, I don't think. You said pieces of music, so I have to tell they are Ravel's "Bolero" and Tchaikovsky's  "1812 Overture". I think the Overture may be the best piece ever written.

Peter Tchaikovsky

I know, well I think you were going more for my pop or jazz favorites?  But that's all I got!

Thanks for taking the time Billy.  Email your questions to me at:
...if your question is picked you will receive a $15 ITunes gift card!

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