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She Taught Me More......and she's comin' back!

Taylor Dayne, she taught me more about the stranglehold the corporations had on the music business than anyone. A few hours with one of the "hottest" performers of the time, was the first shove someone successful gave me to get out of the corporate world.

 One hundred and fifteen degrees in Las Vegas, 5 PM...I made my way to the Monte Carlo Hotel to review and interview Taylor Dayne, I think it was 1999? The theater there held 1,200.
Talking with Taylor before the show, she said they had only sold twenty tickets!

Well when the curtain went up, she was shocked because there were about thirty people there!
She invited them all on stage to meet her and her band, then proceeded to do a knock out show.

After the show she went into the audience and thanked everyone for coming, singed autographs, stopped for pictures and personally thanked everyone for coming.

We talked again after the show, she said Cat, (that's what they called me then) "do you think nobody showed up because my butt's too big"...I said well, "I've been lookin' at it all night, and the one thing I never thought was, too big!" She laughed.

  ...She was a home girl from New York, so we talked some shit! What you say?
Well I told her this tune written by her is what I hope to find, a woman who can say it to me...

Well here's the great news...she'll be back with a "Greatest Hits Album" in 2012!!
                                      ...on her own label..
   Taylor will turn 50 in March, and said to WPIX TV recently....when asked about her age...
                   "time to roll up my sleeves and let everyone know I'm not done yet"

              Taylor is still hot, a great butt, and I'll be waiting for the Greatest Hits release!

                                    I'll have more on the album, when it hits the air!!

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