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Answer #8...7 more gift cards to give away!

Bee W, from NYC wins this week's $15 ITunes gift card, for her question!

The question: "I have seen you post Lara Fabian sometimes, and a song she does called " Je suis Malade" she is amazing!...can you tell me about this tune, I can not find the lyrics in English" hit a soft spot with me, this is truly a lady and a song that hits home with me...
first of all here is a link to the English translation...

If anyone were to perform this in English they would be laughed off the stage, as you can see when you read it in English. It's a tune that must be done in it's native tongue, French. The title reads "I Am Sick" was written by Serge Lama. First brought to the public by Dalida, but Lara has owned this tune since she has made it a staple of her performances around the globe. Lara's five videos on youtube of it have attracted over 11 million hits!

Here is Lara Fabian, and "Je Suis Malade"  Enjoy!

Thanks Bee, for taking the time!  submit a question and win a $15 ITunes gift card...
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