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'Artists In New York' Part XI...Lara Bello

Lara Bello is a woman I want you, my readers to enjoy. Lara is from Granada, Spain, and now, is based in New York City.

As have several other ladies I have written about from Europe, Lara started out with classical training as a singer and violinist! (Conservatory Angel Barrios, Granada).
Then she attended the SCAEM, the Villalobos Academy and The Royal School of Music, in London.

Her resume includes, Flemenco, Modern and Arabic dance, in addition to Buddhist Chanting and overtone singing. And OBTW a degree in Psychology and some amazing work in that field!

 Lara Bello
Here is what Lara had to say about being an 'Artist in New York'...

"I moved to NYC after release of my first CD "NiƱa Pez" in Spain, it was an introduction of myself to the world, some of my songs that I was playing for years, together in a CD... recorded with a jazz trio: piano, acoustic bass and drums. 
I was already living between Madrid and Granada and I visited NYC lots of times to work with a great pianist that I work with sometimes, Shai Bachar
I really liked the city, full of movement and energy that sometimes makes you swim into a fast river.
At the beginning it was difficult to adapt myself to the aesthetic of the city, big buildings and another atmosphere. But little by little with the months, I created my second home in NY, and now I miss it every time I'm out of the city.
Listen; Lara's video!
It has been fascinating to find so many different kinds of music, so many great musicians from all over the world and see how the city makes them meet and mix their music, creating new sounds that can be called 'New York Sounds'... some magic stuff that has the sign of the city.
I met lots of Latin American musicians, singers, and band leaders, and I started to learn rhythms from many countries in South America, that's why in my new CD...'Primero Amarillo Despoes Malva' (First Yellow Then Purple) there is a big influence of that music, those rhythms, in my songs."
Then I asked Lara the two questions I ask everyone...
Q: If you were leaving the planet, and you could only take one album with you, which would you take?
 Lara: the album I would take with me if I have to leave the planet would be the CD 'Lorca' of Enrique Morente, the flamenco legend of Granada. (But it's a difficult question, I love so many).
Q: If you could perform with anyone, who would it be?
Lara: Ay, another very difficult question!! So many musicians I would love to perform with! I think I would choose also Enrique Morente, to sing with. He past away a few years ago, so it's not possible, but I would love that.
 More video of Lara:: Here Enjoy!

Lara is teaching voice in Astoria, NYC can contact her at:

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