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Kalen: The CD is, 'Fallen From The Sun', (debut album))

...maybe it's the music, maybe it's the art work, perhaps it's the emotion and passion that went into this work....but..."it's all good". each tune is accompanied by original art work!

Kalen, an Independent Artist from New York City has put together her first album..."this album is about change, growth, and evolution after a crumbling of things".
"The music is a marriage of acoustic and electronic elements~the songs are cinematic stories" (Kalen)

Truly they are, 'Island'  the first cut captured me!
It's a way Kalen has of putting together a lyric with a strong message, but yet a melody that delivers that message in a way that penetrates to a point where you can enjoy both, and the message gets through.

The art for 'Island'

(I'm so glad Kalen included her hit single 'Rabid Girl' on this album, one of my favorites of all the new tunes I've heard in years!)

Kalen: "Neda cut #4, was inspired by Neda Agha-Soltan   I was very moved by her death and the story of her life. I wanted to capture the surreal space between when someone is living, then gone and the process of mourning. Part of the percussion is made up of inhales and exhales recorded through a long accordion, cylindrical tube to exaggerate the belabored breath. It is my favorite track on the album."

Art for 'Neda'

'It Takes A Lifetime' this is a tune that jumped out at me. It's a very simple melody, as most great tunes are. Kalen again writes a strong message here, a universal thought....learning!
Learning about life by experience, and having to apply the lessons we learn and go on!!
A simple lyric and a simple melody, but not a simple process in our lives...I love this tune!

 The title tune 'Fallen From The Sun' is about love, a break up, and the 'changing' process Kalen spoke of. Wonderfully put to a dramatic melody, and a perfect analogy of falling, as far as one can, 'From The Sun'!

Kalen is one of the most intellectually diverse women artists I know. Music, art, theater, politics she is on top of it. This work is more than music, it's part of HER!

 Six tunes in all including the art....
this wonderful work will be available December 1st... you can hear a sample here.
The album comes with a booklet of the art work and the moving lyrics.

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