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Question and Answer II

This question is from Ravi, in NYC....and he wins a $15 gift card for ITunes!

Ravi asks, "how did you pick the three women for your documentary film?"

Great question Ravi, but there is no easy answer, it's kind of a long story.

I first thought of doing this film about a year before I approached any of the women to take part.
I originally wanted Clara Lofaro, Yula Beeri, and of course I wanted Greta Panettieri because she was the one who unknowingly got me started as a blogger.

However Greta had moved back to Italy and I could not imagine making it work with her, so I was going to do a separate film, just about Greta, when I finished this one.

At first asking Clara said yes, Yula was involved in four other fronts at the time and it would have been impossible to make it work with her schedule wise. So we kinda left it at that.
I originally wanted to make the film about four women, so I asked Amy Regan, Emily Wolf, and Gio Moretti....because I thought they had interesting stories, and were three different personalities, and their music was sooooo different.

Emily Wolf, me, Amy Regan, and Clara Lofaro

           (That photo was at the first meeting to put together 'StreetcredMusic' the film.)

Amy and Emily said yes, and Gio too. So I was set, I thought.
Just a few days after committing, Amy and Emily opted out.
So now, fate intervened, Yula and I spoke again and she agreed to be IN!
That was the day I knew I was going to be able to make it work.

So it was set as, Clara, Yula and Gio. (again I thought).
I flew Greta in from Italy last September, because I wanted to shoot both films simultaneously, so Greta was in that time me and Gio could not see eye to eye on several things for the second time in the filming and I let her go....Greta agreed to take part with Yula and Clara, they all met, became friends.

Greta said, " a movie about just me would be boring, of course I want to be with the other girls!"
So that's the story!!!

Thanks Ravi for taking time!!!!
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