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Friendship~StreetcredMusic/New York City Style!

A year ago, November 2d, 2011, I put together a benefit for woman's rights. The venue and the sponsor got greedy. I really wanted to cancel it, but the wonderful women performers involved said, and I'm paraphrasing here..."the heck with them, let's do our show, do it well and have some fun!"
We did, and I am so glad we did!

The show was 'Singin4RSisters'.

As you know this blog if totally nonprofit. But the emotional rewards I get, are priceless.
When I look at Facebook each day, I see literally scores of friendships that have come from that amazing show. In addition there have been dozens of friendships born from the making of my up coming movie, 'StreetcredMusic'.

Here is the fortune I have amassed by being nonprofit;

           That's Eleanor Dubinsky and Kalen, I introduced them at a Nikki Yanofsky concert!

Emily Wolf and Amy Regan were to be in the documentary but they opted out...they were also original 'Sisters'....and that lady on the right is 'Her Hotness' Clara Lofaro

This was at a party, and the biggest check I have ever cashed! I introduced two of the most talented women on the planet....and they sang together, acapella just like that. Yula says, "Greta you want to do something together???" Greta says "yes, what ever you want," Yula says, "what if I sing a Romanian folk song?" Greta says, "you start I'll follow you," Yula says "no you go first!!"
Greta took off and it was the most moving experience I have had since I started this blog.
They were joined by Chen Pratt, mid verse, all that happened at The Hive.

                                        Yula (Yulix)...Chen Prat, and Greta Panettieri

      The original cast of "StreetcredMusic' the film, were all original 'Sisters'   Gio Moretti,  Clara, and Yulix!

 Tammy Scheffer, Gio Moretti, Bekka Lindstrom, Emily Wolf were all original "Sisters'.                                                                                

Two of the best voices ever....Sonia Montez and Greta Panettieri, met for my movie last month!!

Clara and Kalen became friends at Kalen's gig, they missed each other at the 'Sisters' show!!
......because Clara went next door to do another gig, 2 gigs same night!!

The inspiring women from "MoM A Rock Concert Musical" ... were original 'Sisters'.
   Dana McCoy, Bekka Lindstron, Donna Jean Fogel.....everybody friended them!!!

              Emily Wolf and Nadia Ackerman original 'Sisters' ...graced the stage that night!! this Chicago connection I put together, Jazmin Sky and Solitaire Miles

Sooo get out your calculator and figure out how many friendships can be made between all of us....
and that is my bankroll!!

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