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'Nu Joy', New CD, by Gege Telesforo, featuring Greta Panettieri. Diva, my friend, my first love (haha), the amazing Greta Panettieri  is featured on a new CD that will be released today!!

The CD, is Gege' Telesforo's  'Nu Joy'.
Gege is one of the worlds foremost jazz vocalists.

listen to Gege:

Here is what Greta had to say about her collaboration with this giant of jazz, Gege!!

 Greta: "One of the best things that happened to me since I moved back to Italy from the states~ it's been meeting Gege' Telesforo.

Once again I have to give credit to social networks that if used with consciousness can really be useful…to make a long story short I met Gege' through a FB message....

 Andrea Sammartino and I where asking for help finding a booking agent, and instead we found not only one of Italy's Jazz legends, but a great new friend, who is so open minded... to trust and welcome two strangers in his life, and give 'em a chance to do something great!

This happened in May 2011…well, a little more than a year later I find myself being a featured guest singer and a co-author of 6 of his 11 songs on the new album 'Nu Joy'... that will be released tomorrow, November 6, 2012, for Columbia Records and distributed by Sony Music, internationally".           

On Greta's recent visit to New York City in September to shoot some footage for my documentary film **'StreetcredMusic' we really got to know each other well.

We had so much fun, but we also talked about our lives, and how we got to where we are in life today. will see her remarkable story, in the film!


 I am going to, as I do with all the CD's I review, digest this work for a week or so, then 
                                  .........I will tell you how great it is!!!

The CD, 'Nu Joy' is now available on every digital store!

**You can see film clips of Greta on the blog...just scroll back or type her name in the 'search' box!

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