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Question and My Answer!!! 11/28/12

MickW, from NYC asks: 'What is your movie's next step?' 'Will you do more live shows for it?'

... thanks Mick for taking the time and thanks for following the blog!!
...Mick gets a $15 iTunes gift card!!  Happy Holidays!

A: It looks like the next live show exclusively for the film will be in Rome, Italy. is all in the planning stages now.

I may do a show in NYC in January, and I may use a bit of it for the film, not sure yet... 
it will include other Indie Artists...the Venue has not confirmed yet...
...however keep in mind, when I'm in NYC with Yulix at The Hive a show could break out at any moment!!

Anything can happen at  The Hive

Oh!   yes one other thing....The Diva (Greta)
will be coming back to NYC, from Rome, so we can film more of her at Brazilian Nights at the Zinc Bar.... and me and her hangin out!!

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