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Jazz History, June 29th, 2011. "A Coronation"

John Hendricks
On June 29th 2011 jazz history will be made at The Blue Note in New York City.

John Hendricks, and Annie Ross, formally of the legendary jazz vocal group Lambert Hendricks and Ross will reunite for an unbelievable two shows. Joining them will be the phenomenal seventeen year old Canadian jazz vocalist Nikki Yanofsky!

To jazz fans of the years gone by I need not say more.
For all others let me explain what this is to the world of jazz.

This is Babe Ruth facing C. C. Sabathia, this is...
Man Of War racing  Barbaro. This is Abe Lincoln debating Obama, history will be made and we can all see it happen. 

John Hendricks has been called by many, like Al Jarreau, the greatest jazz singer on the planet.

English born Annie Ross, known for her range in the upper register and her ability to scat and who at age 80 is still active in the New York Cabaret scene, was the
"lady" of the fabulous trio. The lead trumpet.

Tragically Dave Lambert was killed while changing a flat tire on his car in 1966. Lambert had spent his life experimenting with the human voice and how it could be applied to jazz.

The trio won every jazz award given, for their work from 1957 to 1962, and played to SRO crowds at Newport year after year, and every other jazz venue world wide.

For these two giants, or shall I say the term "living legends" which actually applies here, are acknowledging the exceptional talent of young Nikki Yanofsky, by saying, sing with us!
By doing so Nikki's legacy is solidified by being "crowned" by the King and Queen.

Knowing Nikki, I know this is a thrill of a lifetime for her and she realizes how this performance will go down in history, she must be in Heaven.

 Nikki Yanofsky

John Hendricks was the founder of "vocalese" taking the instrumentals of Ellington, Basie, Coltrane
Annie Ross
and lending voices to them, that was the trade mark of the group. Nikki can scat with the best of them and her range is unlimited, what a show this will be. I can't wait!

please enjoy the old...

and the new...Nikki Yanofsky

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