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Yula and The Extended Family, at Rockwood...

One of the most exciting bands on the scene in the New York City, Yula and the 
Extended Family will be at Rockwood Music Hall Wednesday night!

Yula & XFM:  photo by Dina Regine
Tired of the city rat race, depressed, run down, bored with work? Then make an appointment with "Dr. Yula and get a shot of "XFM". The treatment takes about an hour. You will feel better instantly. However there are some side effects. Your face will contort into a smiley face, you may have trouble sleeping if you go straight home, and if you have a previous condition for great music, you may become addicted!
The XFM has been known to break a few hearts too, but only if you let them.

There is one available appointment  this week, it's Wednesday night at 10:30 PM, the address is Rockwood Music Hall, on Allen Street.

The doctor insists you wear comfortable shoes, and you may consume liquids during the session, they are available at Rockwood.

They doctor will soon have a CD available for you to treat yourself at home, however the home treatment is just temporary, you will have to visit her in person once a month.
If you are unemployed or retired like me, not to worry all will be treated!!'s a single payer system, there is no out of pocket fee!
           by Pete Cataldo, follow Pete

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