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Kat Calvosa, Live & CD

Kat Calvosa "Chrysalis"
Caffe Vivaldi one of my favorite stops in The Village is where I met Kat Calvosa last Sunday.

I was treated to her set of smooth jazz. She did all original material.
The lyrics were great. 
Put to some new rhythms and with old style jazz riffs mixed in, everything flowed together well.

The first time I hear an artist live it is not easy to pass judgment because I'm not use to their style or their phrasing and their delivery.
But Kat made it easy. She was clean, sharp and smooth.

I took a copy of her CD, "Chrysalis" home and fired it up to get a better earful and WOW! Impressive!

The opening tune "The Brooklyn Dodger" is an outstanding portrait of how New York City, in this case Brooklyn can be destructive, as a life drifts bye in poverty and  memories of the past.
The rhythm of this tune is a heart beat of city hustle and bustle.
If you know the city this tune will hit home with you. This truly is a portrait, as you listen you can see the
events unfolding in your mind, and hear the sounds of New York. Some great piano licks by Andrew Fisher. This is a tune I will always carry with me.

"A Rose" follows the "Dodger" and shows the versatility of Kat, her words and music.
She slips into a Carmen McRae like sassy elegance as she tells us about a young lady's search for love.
"When at night the stars shine bright, And the Moon gives off his light, I just stare, and wish for air,
Please, take me home tonight".
I love her low vibrato style here, sexy but innocent...another great tune.

"Impossible Is Nothing" is a cabaret style tune, as I listen to some more of the great piano work of  Steve Fisher and Kat, telling the listeners to show no fear and go for your dreams. Kat "talks" some jazz at us in this tune, lovingly and with her unique sound of purity. She has a quality in her work both words and music that says "listen to me"...This is one of the more complicated compositions on the CD and I thought it was done brilliantly by Kat.

This album is a joy because I am always happy to see today's artists who honor the Jazz genre and bring  it into the current music scene, and help "Keep the music alive".
There are 9 selections on this CD, all are accomplished works.

This is truly a strong work. To put lyrics and jazz harmony together is a task. Kat has accomplished it with  ...Chrysalis.
It's on my Ipod already!

Kat Calvosa will be at....Miles Cafe, 52d Street, NYC on May 12th,  8PM

Get her CD's...

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