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"The Rebirth Of Soul" New CD By Lou White

A year ago, I started working with a french singer who moved to Las Vegas. Her manager and producer were still in Paris, but while in Vegas she planned to work on her voice to re-do her album she had recorded in France the year before. When I started listening to the lyrics, I had no idea how a young woman could feel these dark emotions. Where did it come from? She was so creative, a lot of people will relate to these songs.

Her name at the time was Marine Thuet, but they decided that Lou White would be her new stage name. Marine is young, 23, 22 when she came to me. She had a soulful wonderful voice. The only thing we really worked hard on was her strength, emotion, breathe, and power. When she returned to Paris to record, her manager was thrilled with her voice.

She wrote all her songs, and they were given a funkier, soulful new edge. I loved the new version of these songs I had loved in the original form. She is still going back in May to put some finishing touches on the CD so I can't let you hear it yet.

We are still working on the songs now, but I can let you peek at her beauty, and tell you that when she comes back with the finished product, we are going to have a new queen of soul in America. So, I will be proud to have been a part of her growth, and proud to present to you, Lou White, "The Rebirth Of Soul".

by, Jessica Marciel, Las Vegas, Nevada...

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