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Wake Up, Fall Asleep...but don't miss Tammy Scheffer!

Tammy Scheffer's New CD
Listening to the new CD, Wake Up, Fall Asleep,
by Tammy Scheffer has only wet my appetite for seeing her live at The Local 269, on Houston Street, in NYC, Tuesday April 19th.

It is a work that says Jazz from start to finish.
Opening with "I Can't See You Now"a rhythmic
piece, when I first heard it, I was reminded of the
fabulous Yolande Bavan, by the way Tammy
uses her voice as another piece of the band.
What she does I can't call "scatting" it's much to
organized and eloquent, she blends her vocals as a flutist would, with passages of extraordinary musicianship, and perfect intonation.

"When You Wish Upon A Star" is a cut I was really impressed with. When you as a group can take a Disney Classic and run with it like they present it here
was amazing, what a chart!
Brad Barrett, bass, Andrew Urbina, alto sax, Chris Ziemba, piano,
Ronen Itzik, drums and Steve Prado, tenor sax, all take off and make this a very enjoyable work.
They sound way beyond their young years to me, to lay down such a perfect arrangement like this.

On every cut there are amazing riffs by Tammy and all the musicians, you'll hear a few bars where you won't be able to distinguish Tammy's great pipes from one of the sax's as they run together for a piece.

 It's been a long time since I have heard a voice like Tammy's teamed with such
a talented quintet, they are tight, have wonderful charts and this CD is "top notch" JAZZ!
Thank you guys for "keeping the music alive".

 Tammy was born in Belgium, raised in Israel, won a scholarship to the
New England Conservatory.
In 2008 was part of the exclusive Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Workshop,
in Washington D.C. She also has performed at the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival in Israel.
Tammy also participated in Michael Feinberg's latest album "Evil Genius" 2009!


Listen & get a copy;

By Pete Carma,  follow Pete


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