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Latin "World" Music, in a French Bistro.

Eleonora Bianchini
Latin "World" Music, in a French Bistro, on a side street in New York City...sung by a beautiful lady from Perugia, Italy...
Eleonora Bianchini!

Sunday night at Jules Bistro, I got to hear Eleonora live for the first time.
She was just superb, her smooth Latin jazz, Brazilian jazz, and Flamenco rhythms blended with her Angelic passages were a true delight for me.

I had told her it was very difficult for me to write about her because she was too good, she smiled and I told her I don't know how to express the diversity in her music, she said she likes to call it "Latin World" music.

This "Latin World" music was projected by her trio, Juancho Herrera, guitar and a one man rhythm section Marcelo Woloski. 
Both were very enjoyable and polished musicians.

While being elegant and warm, Eleonora has a full stage presence when she
sings, her range and feel for the Latin sound seem to come natural to her.

I have always had a special place for women who can give off the emotion that with Latin music must come through. Celia Cruz, Ivete Sangalo, La Lupe come to mind, but now I have a new member of the "Latin World" team...Eleonora.

As I listened, Eleonora seemed to take her audience on a tour of what the acoustic guitar and a formally trained set of pipes with some great arrangements can do, yet by the same token, it felt like we could all just be in her living room. That's what I mean by having trouble reviewing her, so much is good.

Treat yourself to her CD...

 by Pete Cataldo, follow Pete;

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