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Birch and the Tiger...Coming to the National Underground!

Lead singer, Zenobia Ortis
Birch and the Tiger, a band that takes me back to my roots and then some.

"Folkloric tales of modern madness soulfully sang to funky afrobeat inspired rhythms with some very scary instrumentalists casting sonic spells." Got that!

That's how they describe themselves. I think I see more, I see versatility too.
Lead singer Zenobia Ortis, displays an ability to splendidly move from Afro/jazz to pop to Angelic passages with a natural ability and a great set of pipes.

They will be performing at one of New York's most popular spots for new artists, The National Underground, on Houston Street on Friday, April 22d...Venue and tickets...

It will be the first time I have seen them live. Listening to them brings me back to a day when the Village was 
a hot bed of Latin jazz. The likes of Johnny Pacheco, and Willie Bobo, but Birch and the Tiger adds in some Funk/pop and a collage of other riffs. They are exciting and innovative.

The group consist of...
Zenobia Ortis, vocals, Erin Pellnat, back vocals, percussion,
Joshua Gruft, drums, Alex Delo, conga, Mike Leuis, guitar, Raymond Mack Jr. bass,
Noah Dreiblatt, baritone sax, and Sam Hoyland, trumpet.

You can listen here...!/birchandthetiger

Come down and enjoy this great new group with me Friday 4/22...
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