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Tammy Scheffer, WOW!

Tammy, photo by; Gangi
The Local 269, on Houston Street took a step into the Jazz
spotlight of New York last night when Tammy Scheffer and her quintet took the stage.

Amazing is the word for Tammy, perfect intonation a jazz spirit inside her, and the charts she writes are individually spectacular.

Absolutely clean and concise jazz of a kind that you don't hear now days. She had sent me her CD, "Wake Up Fall Asleep" weeks ago and I was blown away with it and could not wait to hear her live.
She did not disappoint!

I watched the musicians who had just performed before Tammy and her band as Tammy warmed up, they were frozen. They were wondering what that sound was they were hearing? Was it a synthesizer? Was in the key board? No men, it was just Tammy.
Her band members use her voice to tune up!

It was so cool to watch the young musicians hear her for the first time.

Watching her go through some really long riffs, I could not tell when she was breathing, her range and phrasing are phenomenal.This is a gifted lady.

Adding some outstanding riffs of their own, the quintet was awesome.
Ilia Skibinsky and Dan Pratt on alto and tenor sax respectively, blended with Tammy
and took off on some heavy solo's to the delight of the listeners.
Dan Foose, was great on bass, soloed out too, and held the bottom at all times.
Julian Shore, keys, acted as middle man, and took his private time between Tammy and the saxes.
Keita Ogawa, with his lightning fast hands and speed afoot, kept the group together on drums.

What a great show, loved it!!
To see my review of  Wake Up Fall Asleep, scroll to older posts.

Tammy will be at; Caffe Vivaldi on 4/26 in a duo with bassist Jeff Denson and
back at the Local 269 on May 17th.


by Pete Cataldo,  Follow Pete:

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