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Soul Jaz, min

Jazmin Sky, Chicago
Jazmin Sky, the CD is "Jazmin Sky".

It's for people like me who love the "soul of a woman" put to music.
We chatted at her gig in Chicago this week at The Underground Wonder Bar, where they feature a "Wonder Woman" show every Wednesday night.
If she did not tell me I would have heard it immediately her style is influenced by the great Chaka Khan.

This CD is a walk through of Jazmin's lyrics and her view of life from
a girl who spent time in New York City and loves city life in her composition "Downtown"which hit home with me being brought up on the streets of Da Apple.

To "Fruto Prohibido" (forbidden fruit) a Latin/Jazz number but again Jazmin adds her soulful style to make this tune one to remember, as she puts it "You crave forbidden fruit, It's the only kind that appeals to you, But when you've taken a bite, You discover you've lost your appetite.

The show stopper or should I say album stopper is "American Lie".
A very soulful, heavy bottom tune written by Jazmin in support of free speech.
It was inspired by the Bush administration's reaction to the Dixie Chicks criticism of him.   

Her courage in dealing with an issue like this on her CD is a big plus for me, artist have a way

of getting to the public in mass, and I congratulate her on putting together a great tune with a very important message attached.


Jazmin's beautiful style and soul that seems to come natural to her, make this CD a must for my IPOD.
Jazmin has lived in Montreal, Paris, Madrid and Rome, she speaks Spanish, and French and surprised me at her gig when she whipped out a flute a played a few riffs, in addition to her multi- octave voice, style
and class, I enjoyed her set in Chicago, and she is a delight.

"Jazmin Sky"

by Pete Cataldo, follow Pete


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