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The Tiger Needs Room

Birch and the Tiger
Birch and the Tiger did their thing at the National Underground
on Friday night. 

What's their thing? Making the audience jump, clap, dance and just generally feel good! And giving new life to a classic genre of music.

Afro/jazz, Latin/jazz and some good old progressive jazz is what I heard,
with a 21st Century sound to it. This young band of artists is on the verge
of breaking through.

They are an experience, an energy packed band with a unique sound for the clubs around the Village. Lovely ladies, great arrangements and musicians...
and they play with a fiery spirit.

The Tigress up front on lead vocals is Zenobia Ortis, she is versatile, has a great range but her strength is her ability to glide from
complicated rhythm to complicated rhythm that the band has written.

She delivers the goods on all of the great lyrics of their repertoire, and throws some funk in too.
There is some smooth and rhythmic harmony  between Zenobia and backup Erin Pellnat, who blends in

Drummer Joshua Gruft, and bass guitarist Raymond Mack Jr. are as good as it gets, they remind me of the days gone by in the Village when Olatunji or Johnny Pacheco would hammer out that great Afro/Cuban genre. They keep a solid bottom going.

On guitar is Mike Leuis, who has a great feel for the Latino "attitude" that you must have to feed the melody.
Noah Dreiblatt on baritone sax carries most of the melody and does it well. He is the "Freight Train" coming through town at the height of rush hour.
"The Land and The Lakes" was a tune they did that featured all their skills, a flying rhythm consistent throughout the number and Zenobia really shows her range.

"Six Eyes Closed" is a mix of the complicated rhythms and the harmony of Zenobia and Erin I spoke about, and they come together here, nice chart and done well.

Their entire set was a fast moving "Festa" or "Chama" and I had a great time watching them!

But... they need more ROOM, as in space, to hold more people and a bigger stage so the Tiger can stretch his legs,and the Birch, can blossom. 

Their first album "Kulakov Rock" will be available soon.
They are also finishing up a 3D Video, wild?  Keep and eye out for them!


by Pete Cataldo. follow Pete

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