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Nadia Ackerman, At Rockwood Music Hall

A very pleasant evening Monday at Rockwood Music Hall, thanks to
Nadia Ackerman and her talented band.

I started writing this blog in November 2010 and as I combed the WWW looking for talented Indie artists, in New York,  Chicago and Vegas, Nadia's face appeared on a friend's FB, so I clicked on her site.

The holidays were approaching and I noticed she had composed a tune called "What is Christmas" and it was available for 99 cents, so I took a shot. It was a great move, the song was a great work of how this very emotional time of year can be a bit of  a sad time for some, and as I listened I became a fan.

In her show last night she took her audience on a tour of all original tunes, with her poignant but simple lyrics placed on a variety of different melodies, from "Where Are You Headed Now"with a bright and breezy beat about day to day tribulations and being"Live Again"a dreamy tune that had a 60's taste to it for me.
"Underground" was a syncopated melody which I also loved and she tossed out "Hulpit"one of her new tunes that had a haunting melody and was very well received by her fans at Rockwood.

The entire set was a delight and the band was as smooth as the wind in her home of Australia, they very subtlety added their craftsmanship to the set, perfectly balanced with the vocals by Nadia and the harmony of her and backup, Anthea White.
The perpetrators of the musical treats; Clifford Carter, piano, Harvey Jones, synthesizer, 
David Patterson, Guitar, and Noah Hoffeld, cello.

I have Nadia's new CD..."The Circus Is Back In Town" you will be hearing more about her great compositions here can get it here....
And get "What Is Christmas" too.
Thanks Nadia for a beautiful set!

by Pete Cataldo, follow Pete at;


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