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Kristin Hoffmann at Vivaldi

Saturday Kristin Hoffmann played two sets at Caffe Vivaldi in the West Village of New York.
It was a totally delightful warm way to end a cold rainy Spring day in  Da Apple.
Vivaldi was packed to see this singer, songwriter, producer, perform her great
repertoire, in the setting of a caffe featuring a Grand Recital piano that Kristin had
completely under her control.

Kristin is one of the most talented young ladies I have seen in recent memory, her lyrics and the melodies she puts them too just seem to flow so fluently, and always have a universal message attached.

Opening with "Higher Mind" she offered us a haunting melody on the keys, shows us how her Opera training has given her an amazing range and delivers the message of learning to live, let go and understand that we are all on the same planet, and to open up our minds and grasp that.

"Falling"...was a tune where Kristin took the bridge and whaled away, it took me
by way of some of the great jazz pianists, I did not want it to end, a great composition.

The entire set of over one hour was beautiful. She was loved by her audience throughout.
Song after song about everything from the environment to opening your mind to learning to give, but not feel guilty about receiving, because then you will have more to give, and the overall message of being true to yourself.
All this tied to beautiful melodies made for a special evening in NYC.
Kristin Hoffmann

This young lady is composing some fantastic music, she lives for her art, and her message, and I'm very happy to know her.

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 Living in your truth is the most important thing you can do...everything else falls into place from there.
I'm an open person who loves to experience life and people. I learn so much about myself from all that I meet and am very into growing and facing my own "life blocks" and getting beyond. I express myself in many ways, but I especially let my voice out through music and creating sound. When I'm in nature, I feel happy, free, connected. In the city, I'm inspired, driven, and moved by the flow of life around me. Overall, I'm excited about the journey of life and all it's waves...light and darkness. Finding my path...Kristin Hoffmann.   
Kristin would love to have 1 million people sing her beautiful composition, "Song For The Ocean"as we approach Earth Day. She has emailed hundreds of Chorale groups across America to join in.
If you have not seen this memorable video, enjoy...

Kristin will be at...Mocha Maya's  Shelburne Falls, Ma. On Friday 4/22
                           & Northport Tasting Room, Northport, NY on Saturday 4/30.


by Pete Cataldo...follow Pete

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