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Streetcred Music, Thanks, Half A Million!

... sometime this week Streetcredmusic will pass the 500,00 hit mark, it all started with Gretatze!!
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Documentary Film, From Streetcredmusic...

...we are on our way! A film, a story about three women artists, musicians, songwriters, actors, who are inspired to create...and do they create!

A labor of love, and an excuse for all of us to have fun, without any restraint, no deadlines, costs or censorship to consider. We are all free to create, take our time and give you all a look into the women who will win your hearts and your respect, with their talent and universal love for the arts.

To mold this love affair, we have Tamar Meir. http://tamarmeir.com/
creator in her own right (and she wants to have some fun too)...
Creator, Director..Tami Meir

Then the usual suspects, in this passionate, funny, abstract film about music, art and the love that must accompany it...

....in alphabetical order, because I don't want to upset the "love"...that's Facebook alphabetical, by first name...

                                                        Clara Lofaro......claralofaro.com
                                       Gio Moretti....
Gio, giomorettimusic.com

                                               Yula Beeri....

            and a 'Mystery' guest...from a foreign land!!   

....shooting starts, April 27th, with Clara Lofaro, in Brooklyn and Manhattan!
...can you handle it?  STAY TUNED!  

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She Taught Me More......and she's comin' back!

Taylor Dayne, she taught me more about the stranglehold the corporations had on the music business than anyone. A few hours with one of the "hottest" performers of the time, was the first shove someone successful gave me to get out of the corporate world.

Taylor http://www.taylordayne.com/home2.php
 One hundred and fifteen degrees in Las Vegas, 5 PM...I made my way to the Monte Carlo Hotel to review and interview Taylor Dayne, I think it was 1999? The theater there held 1,200.
Talking with Taylor before the show, she said they had only sold twenty tickets!

Well when the curtain went up, she was shocked because there were about thirty people there!
She invited them all on stage to meet her and her band, then proceeded to do a knock out show.

After the show she went into the audience and thanked everyone for coming, singed autographs, stopped for pictures and personally thanked everyone for coming.

We talked again after the show, she said Cat, (that's what they called me then) "do you think nobody showed up because my butt's too big"...I said well, "I've been lookin' at it all night, and the one thing I never thought was, too big!" She laughed.


  ...She was a home girl from New York, so we talked some shit! What you say?
Well I told her this tune written by her is what I hope to find, a woman who can say it to me...

Well here's the great news...she'll be back with a "Greatest Hits Album" in 2012!!
                                      ...on her own label..
   Taylor will turn 50 in March, and said to WPIX TV recently....when asked about her age...
                   "time to roll up my sleeves and let everyone know I'm not done yet"

              Taylor is still hot, a great butt, and I'll be waiting for the Greatest Hits release!

                                    I'll have more on the album, when it hits the air!!

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On...The CD is "Box Of Costumes"

"On" is the duo of Naaran Barzilay, guitar and vocals, and Adam Halfi who will fixate you as he plays keys and drums simultaneously! Together they project some wonderful sounds, creative, alive and as "rock" as they are unique.
Naaran Barzilay, vocal, "On"
Seeing them live at Pianos in New York was a treat for me. Their music gave me a feeling of the confidence they had in performing it. I felt a part of their projection from the stage. It was music one could lose yourself in, BUT at no time did I feel a disconnect with the artists.

The set seemed to be a continuous effort from the stage to "give" to the audience a feeling...a feeling that you could choose to invoke yourself as you watched. At times "rock" in a unique form, that never took you far from reality as some do, other times a more relaxed effort to bring some tranquility to the room, and the listeners.

 The CD that "ON" has released is "Box Of Costumes" 

The work is just as pleasing to the ear as the duo is live, I loved it.

The title tune paints a picture we are all familiar with, our first encounter with our desire to explore
well, perhaps to explore the loss of innocents. Which Naaran describes so correctly when he calls it a "ring of fire".

"Not Much To Say"  is another cut from "Box Of Costumes" ..as several other cuts, the lyrics could stand alone as poetry. "There is a shore over the sea, it is a thin bridge that we are crossing....I'm crossing with you"
...add those beautiful words to a powerfully delivered melodic line, and you have the core of "On".

I have selected this as one of the Top Five CD's I have reviewed this year....http://streetcredmusic.blogspot.com/2012/02/streetcredmusic-top-albums-ive-heard.html

"On"  https://www.facebook.com/Onmusica

"On"  http://www.on0n.com/

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Picasso, Freud, ..Collaborated on a CD work..

...."Arranged" a collaboration .......

arranged to please the eye, and send a message...

Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who helped this blog achieve success!!

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Answer #10, Five more $15 gift cards to ITunes to give away.

This week's $15 ITunes gift card goes to "Maggie the Cat"  from Brooklyn, NYC.

The question is: "you tell us all about the personalities of the musicians you write about...
which one of them knows the most about you?" 

I'm busted, I said I would give full, honest answers. I really had to think this one out!
I'm gonna disqualify my long time friend Cheryl Jacubowski Quillen, because I did write about her when she sang in a talent show at work....and she knew me back in the day, and if she paid attention she could ruin me.

I assume you want to know which artist/musician knows the most about me soooooo...let me think?
There are three I have to consider ...I will NOT name all three.

This is really tough...one knows some deep dark secrets, one knows more about my life in it's totality, and one knows the most about the last three years since I started the blog!!

OK, OK, OK,>>> I'll say, Oh wait, I just remembered, one more who I drank Vodka with at the Russian Tea Room????   That's four. And she now knows who she is.

Done: I have to go with the one who knows the deep dark secrets...Clara Lofaro.


Thanks "Maggie the Cat"..BTW that's my favorite character in American Lit.
...from "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof."

...thanks for taking the time to write! Enjoy the $15 gift card!!

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Answer #9, six more ITUNES gift cards to give away!

...this week's question emailed to me, is from, BillyW,  in Brooklyn, NY.

Billy gets a $15 gift card from ITunes....

The question is: "what are your two favorite pieces of music"?

Billy you are not going to get an answer you expected, I don't think. You said pieces of music, so I have to tell they are Ravel's "Bolero" and Tchaikovsky's  "1812 Overture". I think the Overture may be the best piece ever written.

Peter Tchaikovsky

I know, well I think you were going more for my pop or jazz favorites?  But that's all I got!

Thanks for taking the time Billy.  Email your questions to me at: jrclemente@hotmail.com
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StreetCredMusic Top Albums ..I've heard this year...Pete Carma

Grammy's...before you rush out and buy the music the corporate music force feeding machine fires at you...
I would like to have you take a look at five of the many CDs I have reviewed this year...all will add class and diversity to your library!

In alphabetical order:  "AnimAcusticA" ...By, Gio Moretti 

Gio Moretti, reverbnation.com/giomoretti
                                 "Box Of Costumes"...By, On


                                "Clara Lofaro"   ...By, Clara Lofaro

Clara Lofaro, claralofaro.com
                                "Melancholy Lullaby" ...By, Solitaire Miles
Solitaire Miles, solitairemiles.com

                      "Right On Time" ...By, Mary C  

Mary C, marycmusic.com  

            These artist are as worthy of your support as any you will see Sunday night!!

all the above are available on the artists sites or your favorite electronic music venues...                


Walt Disney, Clara Lofaro, Super Bowl...FUMBLE!

I have always been positive about the marvelous Academy Award winning songs the Disney studios have produced over the years. Their wonderful tunes, lyrics and the stories they were written for are unmatched in cinema USA!

...and the artists they chose to perform them has been a perfect match every time.

BUT...I have to throw a penalty flag at the studio for it's Super Bowl choices...the penalty is for a "false start"
....because if they had waited just a few months until Clara Lofaro emerges as the "Star" she is destined to be in 2013....Disney will want her back!

I don't know who this "Prince Charming" wanna be is that was singing "When You Wish Upon A Star" Sunday...I was patiently awaiting the end of the game to hear the "Snow White" pure tones and the "Cinderella" like charm of Clara Lofaro. Clara had been doing the classic for several years.

So Disney ...you are penalized...you must go back five years and do it over again, and make it right!!
Give us "CLo"

Clara singing the tune....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcaXvCUBHfM

FYI, Disney peeps, yes we know a Cricket sang it in the Movie, but it was a Soprano, Julietta Novis who the songs creator chose to do it on the 4-78RPM album that was released after the movie!!


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Answer #8...7 more gift cards to give away!

Bee W, from NYC wins this week's $15 ITunes gift card, for her question!

The question: "I have seen you post Lara Fabian sometimes, and a song she does called " Je suis Malade" she is amazing!...can you tell me about this tune, I can not find the lyrics in English"

Bee...you hit a soft spot with me, this is truly a lady and a song that hits home with me...
first of all here is a link to the English translation...http://lyricstranslate.com/en/je-suis-malade-je-suis-malade.html-0

If anyone were to perform this in English they would be laughed off the stage, as you can see when you read it in English. It's a tune that must be done in it's native tongue, French. The title reads "I Am Sick"..it was written by Serge Lama. First brought to the public by Dalida, but Lara has owned this tune since she has made it a staple of her performances around the globe. Lara's five videos on youtube of it have attracted over 11 million hits!

Here is Lara Fabian, and "Je Suis Malade"  Enjoy!

Thanks Bee, for taking the time!  submit a question and win a $15 ITunes gift card...
send questions to me: jrclemente@hotmail.com  I'll pick one a week for the next 7 weeks!! 

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Maria Cangiano, "Heart Of A Woman"

I know most of you will not know the name Maria Cangiano, and that's good, because now I'll turn you on to a wonderful artist and a genre that needs to be heard.

Maria Cangiano, http://www.reverbnation.com/mariacangiano

It will be my pleasure to introduce you to Maria, and her "Latin World" music.

Maria is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, after seventeen years in New York City she has returned to Argentina to a more "comfortable" way of life. She owns property there as opposed to being a tenant in NY.

She is happy with the cultural "boom" there in the arts, music, theater and cinema.

  Maria:  "I realized I can do my dream working with the musicians I always wanted who really know Latin American music and cross it with Jazz and everything else..Many of my projects seem to be completely possible here, among them actually the CD (Heart Of A Woman) that right away was welcomed by the record label EPSA, one of the best of Argentina."

I  asked Maria the two questions I ask everyone...1. If were leaving the planet and could only take one album with you, which would you take?   She shocked me when she said the The Beatles, "Sargent Pepper".
2. If you could play with anyone who would you choose, she gave an answer several have given me in the past, Herbie Hancock.

"Latin World" Maria
   I asked Maria to speak a bit about herself and these were her enchanting words..

"Finally and not at all the least, because I am a Buddhist, I was chanting a lot to discover the place where I belong, and I said to myself, it will be the place where the heart will take me, and here I am. I am still in transition, and it is not easy, but I feel I am reconnecting with everything that is me, at a deepest personal level, and I feel better. I still feel I am a global citizen and I see my mission as an artist and a Buddhist beyond Argentina, in the world. For many reasons I could not imagine the same settling in NYC. I need this re-encounter with my deepest self."

That is a brief BIO of this woman who has left her mark in Opera, Jazz, and given so many of her fans
joy and love. Her CD release is scheduled for sometime in September in New York City...stay tuned!!

You can be a part of the new CD, and receive some great perks!....http://www.indiegogo.com/Heart-of-a-Woman-Maria-Cangianos-New-CD

Maria's wonderful sounds are available here...

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New York City Photos, Part III

.....Music of New York City, lyrics, rhythm of the city itself....Kalen's "Rabid Girl"..

Kalen, kalenmusic.com
                                .....this was a common scene in NYC last week!    

                                                                      Karma, with a K??
                                  Nicoletta, started to read a book I gave her, on Saturday.... 


 ..................she loved it!!

                                                                          thanks Nicoletta!!!

                He wrote the book "15 To Life"....my forever  friend Tony Papa

................there were some special moments for me this trip...
Sarah Zar, sarahzar.com
..............................and there were some very special moments!
Giovanna Moretti,  reverbnation.com/giomoretti

Very special!!

.....did some business too...you will be seeing these artists at a NYC Institution, soon, watch for dates!!
 Once again a fabulous trip to Da Apple, thanks to all the above who's friendship means so much to me!!


New York City Photos Part II

 Women in boots, great food, entertainment....what would I do without New York City!!

Kalen, with the A-Listers....gettin ready to Rock the Room at Pianos....
         Kalen, kalenmusic.com
                                    "Sisters"...Clara Lofaro and Kalen...at Pianos!
                                                              Kalen....greeting fans after her gig!!

                      The Soros Media team was there to see Kalen!!
                                               Newman & Papa!

  Emily Wolf and I walked 60 blocks, Sunday night, check out the cool ear muffs!!

                                      ........Guess who fits the boots!!

                                              Amy Regan, Emily Wolf, Clara Lofaro...

            .......and me and CLo...went to dinner, and really had some fun!!

       ....Wherever Clara is, "On Stage", or just hangin, it's always a fun time!!

                                                   ...got more photos from NYC....Part III coming!


Photos...New York City, Part I

The first songstress I went to see this trip was the Angelic, Nicole Zuraitis, who is off to teach in India for two months!!
....Then to Caffe Vivaldi, to see Rachel Epp,

                                   Rachel did a great set at Vivaldi...all original tunes!!

Saturday night we went to see "On" at Pianos...a duo recommended to me by Sarah Zar, they were a breath of fresh air, unique in every way...I'll have a review of their show and CD coming soon!!
Sarah Zar, and Naaran Barzilay of "On"
        Naaran Barzilay, and Adam Halfi...they are "On", the CD is "Box Of Costumes"

Then:    the "Sisters" got my attention.....to do a documentary film....we had a meeting?
              ...strictly business?

Notice: all the glasses are empty at this point!!
                                 Emily Wolf...Amy Regan...Clara Lofaro...."Sisters" all!

....then Clara and Amy packed up and headed west!!

......more photos coming from NYC!!!!!!!!!