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StreetcredMusic: He's Funny That Way. Champian Fulton and June Christy

Two generations of American standards.
...1928-1950-2015, great tunes never die, as long as there are wonderful songstresses to sing them.

Here's the 2015 version by: Champian Fulton
.....Champian pays tribute and respects the great American jazz classics.

   .....Enjoy: 'He's Funny That Way'

Champian Fulton
"He's Funny That Way" (She's Funny That Way)
1928, Lyrics, Richard Whiting, Music, Charles N Daniels.

The same tune in 1950.
...Here by June Christy.

    ....Enjoy the the same classic 65 years ago. "He's Funny That Way"

June was with Stan Kenton's great band 1945.
...and her solo career began 1947.

June Christy

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