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StreetcredMusic; Las Vegas Songstress Miranda Gold

Miranda Gold...
“Sometimes in life we’re happy; Other times in life we cry; Soon I will be laughing; As I stare death right in the eye. – By Miranda Gold, "In The Eye"

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A little girl climbs high into the tallest tree in her small Mormon town, away from the frightening noises of her childhood life. With her notebook and pencil in hand, and a gentle breeze blowing through the tree branches while goats munch on the grass below, she spills the pain and sadness of her life onto the paper that will form the heart of the music that becomes her legacy.

Miranda has been singing and writing lyrics since she was old enough to speak and write. Now at 25, she is at the pinnacle of her musical career.

Miranda, her father and her brother moved from Las Vegas to a ranch in Utah at age 9 to live with their newly widowed grandmother. Raised in a strict religious Mormon upbringing where fear and punishment dominated,  her childhood did not allow Miranda to express who she really was. Deeply emotional and spiritual, and passionate about freedom and adventure, Miranda eventually rebelled and found her way back to Las Vegas to live with her mother for the first time at age 14. She finally felt free enough then to express herself away from her childhood traumas and family betrayal. Miranda felt reborn from the ashes of her life into a new found expression as an artist. Her zest for life and freedom is expressed through her soulful lyrics and upbeat music.

Miranda has worked with prominent producers such as Tom Marolda, “The Toms,” who has produced for iconic bands…Imagine Dragons and The Killers. Tom immediately recognized Miranda’s unique skills and talents and personally worked with Miranda to publicly release her first 6 songs on iTunes under the artist name, “Gold Monkey”. Miranda has since changed her artist name from “Gold Monkey” to “Miranda Gold”.

Miranda has also worked with Jessica Marciel, a leading singer and vocal coach in Hollywood and Las Vegas. Jessica was a recording artist for Capital Records and has opened for Santana, Cream, Three Dog Night and Grateful Dead. She is well renowned in Las Vegas for her musical talent and performs regularly in Las Vegas showrooms. Jessica was key in coaching Miranda during her studio recordings and introducing her to Pete Carma  and RKC Radio who plays Miranda’s music to a global radio streaming audience. Jessica also helped Miranda get into the front line of TV singing and musical auditions. Jessica took Miranda’s voice to the next level with numerous exercises and vocal techniques and hard work and dedication.

Miranda is currently working on a soon-to-be released song “Pack My Bags” with popular Las Vegas producer/engineer, Ryan Thornsely, who has also written for Alesso. Thornsely’s unique touch in whatever he creates is inspiring several new sounds that will shift what we know as hipster music today. Thornsely has written a recent song with Miranda with a neo-pop feel and touches of dubstep. Miranda is also working with Nashville DJ/Producer Brian Lyman on a pop single called, “On the Edge”. 
Miranda’s rock pop project has recently been picked up by producer Andrew Beldy of Morpheus Songs and owner of Electric Shop Recording, who first heard Miranda when she was working with producer Tom Marolda. Now working on a new 7 alternative rock pop song collection with Andrew Beldy and guitarist Mark Ellis, Miranda just released her 1st of the 7-song collection, her 1st rock ballad, “In the Eye” under the name Miranda Gold. “In the Eye” can be found online on most music platforms including Spotify and iTunes. The 2nd song to be released is “Lil Bit Closer” followed by “Ticking Timebomb”.
Written on a hot summer day in Las Vegas by Miranda Gold and Mark Ellis, “In the Eye” tells the story of a dark, haunting passionate journey through time, through the spiritual experiences and the revelations learned through the pain in one’s life. “It did not come to stay; it came to pass.”  Nothing is permanent; it will always pass.

Me and Miranda in Las Vegas this winter.
 Miranda tells a passionate story with her songs, lyrics, and live performances. Along with her love for singing and poetry, she found an attraction to string instruments, picking up the cello in junior high and later teaching herself guitar at age 18, where she pioneered her own vision of the original content that she began to perform. She gravitated to a finger-picking style and performed her original songs acoustically to private events and intimate venues. Miranda’s vocals are greatly influenced by Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Paramore, Alanis Morisette, Sheryl Crow, Brittney Spears, Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks and Joan Jett. Miranda Gold’s rock project is instrumentally influenced by Deftones, Queens of the Stone Age, Audioslave and Stone Temple Pilots. Miranda’s style, vocals, commitment, and dedicated love for music will continue to impact people’s lives all over the world for generations to come.
Miranda is a talented young songstress. She has all the tools and the desire to go with it.
......stay tuned here for some great music, coming soon....Pete Carma 

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