"StreetcredMusic" the documentary film, some Labor Day Weekend raw footage for you to enjoy!

I could try to explain how much fun we are having, and how close I have become to a new circle of friends...but just watch and you will see, it's all about us making this right, taking our time, so that all the 'Angels' show you what they are capable of creating!   
And it's my job to make them visible to you, as I see them.

This is a clip of the 'spooky' Italian Connection doing what they do, goofing on me...and an Angelic clip of YuliX, doing what she does... make people feel good!

This is just one of the two show stopping moments that Clara Lofaro has carved into this film. She takes a room full of people and has every eye and ear on her acapella version of a tune she wrote about freeing her creative talents totally to her music!

at EVERY performance YuliX takes time to open her heart to her audience, she has told me that is when she knows the show is a success. Her fans know it and they respond with love!

check us out: 'Streetcredmusic' the film

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"StreetcredMusic" the film, latest photos!

Some wonderful photos from 'StreetcredMusic' the documentary film supporting Indie Artists! is what we are having, and some endearing friendships are being formed!! we film this free spirited movie!

The 'terror' of Willamsburg, the 'YuliX Mobile'.

Clara Lofaro 
...singing 'Hurricane' a monster of a tune she had just finished writing, here, she sings it for the first time, in the living room!

YuliX, we filmed her performance at the Bowery Ballroom, with her Xtendedfamily!

I encountered two very 'spooky' looking characters in the hallway of the 'Mortuary'

The XFM!!

When you see the movie, you will laugh out loud at this!!!  CLooooooo!!

and her band...AnimAcusticA...that's Tami Meir, catching the action!

We are making a movie that will show you three of the most talented, creative, hard working women on the Independent Music scene in New York City!

Here is our facebook page.

We'll be running around NYC next week!!!

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Solitaire Miles at Katerina's, Chicago! 'Lush Life'

 Solitaire Miles

Solitaire Miles, JAZZZZ, Art, and great food at Katerina's here in Chicago!!

Solitaire brings her classic jazz style to a great venue in Katerina's. Katerina is a front runner in bringing back the 'Supper Club' atmosphere that I love so much, to Chicago.

The room suits the style of songstress Solitaire and the awesome musicians she always brings with her. In addition to her music Ms. Miles will display her art work and fascinations all hand made!

This is one of the more popular venues in the area so a reservation will assure you a spot!!

Listen:  "Lush Life"

Reservations: KATERINA's



'Everybody Knows That'!! The Hive NYC!

Brooklyn , New York was the first 'melting pot' of America, before it was part of New York City!
          ...everybody knows that!

Brooklyn, New York when I was a kid was referred to as the "garden spot" of America!
          ...everybody knows that!

A cultural Metropolis is how I knew it growing up in New York City. It had neighborhoods, of EVERY nationality. It was more diverse than any other community in the country.
Two things separated it from any other place....The Brooklyn Dodgers, who brought Jackie Robinson, the first African American, to Major League Baseball, and it had Coney Island where people all over the East Coast came to play!

Brooklyn is a place that for all of my 68 years, has been in a continuous renaissance.
It is still here in the 21st Century 'morphing'.

I now have a chance to be part of the process, to take part in a movement to continue the cultural and intellectual blossoming of this truly unique place on earth Brooklyn!


The Hive is now launching a show YuliX, The Opera. (runs Sept 1 thru 5)

To raise money to continue to do what Brooklyn has always done, welcome art, diversity, creativity, and give Independent Artists in all genre a place to express, create and share!

This blog has been behind this amazing community of artists ever since I met Yula Beeri and Sarah Zar. are some of the wonderful Bees who flourish and make Honey for us all to enjoy at The Hive!

Sarah Zar   ...enjoy the art and intellect of her work!

Zar art, 'I lost the War' is a link to but tickets to YuliX, The Opera, or just donate to this TOTALLY nonprofit group!

Info: on YuliX- libretto, Tickets or donation click here!

The Hive!

Brendan Schweda is another insanely creative Artist connected to the Hive!

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Kerri Leigh, Single Release..."My Kind of Crazy"

I met Kerri Leigh at an 'after party', she was introduced to me by Clara Lofaro .

 Kerri Leigh

Kerri, from Appleton, Wisconsin is now a New Yorker, pursuing a career in Country Music! you can see she is fresh off a modeling contract that had her on the cover of Woman's World and Red Book, and features in the New York Post, and O Magazine.

Kerri will be releasing her great new single "My Kind Of Crazy" at the The Canal Room on August, 22d!!

My Kind of Crazy, is a collaboration with writer/performer, Craig Wilson.

To get to know her a bit, here is a chat we had...
Q: tell me a bit about this great new tune that Clara and Craig are raving about..

My Kind of Crazy. "You do you and I'll be me"  I fully believe people should do what makes them happy.  The path I chose for my life is not normal and I'm fully pleased with that.  This song is about doing what you know in your heart you were always meant to do.  Follow your passion, be crazy, be spontaneous.  It's a beautiful thing to know what you love and be who you truly are. 

Q: coming to NYC...had to be a major change for you?

  Coming to New York City was not an easy move for me.  Letting go of everything you know and anything you did in the past doesn't matter anymore.  Yes it influences the person you are but you start over.  Having to prove yourself all over again and reprove yourself and your talents over and over again.  Make people believe in you as much as you do.

I remember my first visit to New York.  It was to the dorms for AMDA.  I was with my sister Jenny.  She said " I can not, will not leave you here" (LOL) I told her this is what i have to do.  Those dorms were horrible! Roaches, rats and mentally insane  elderly people shared them with us! I cried my eyes out thinking i would have to live there!  I still moved.  Passion.

here's a sample of what you will see August 22d at the Canal Room, in addition to the release of..........'My Kind of Crazy", this is Kerri with Craig, lead guitar! and a familiar face in there who is always helping Indie Artists (CLo)! 


Kerri Leigh

I asked Kerri the two questions I always ask to try and let you readers know where the artist is coming from;
If you were leaving the planet and could only take one album with you, which would you take?
And if you could perform with anyone who would it be?

 I have so many influences in music in all genres but if it were my choice  to take one album with me forever I'd have to choose Garth Brooks "Greatest Hits"  I could listen to that album forever, over and over again! Its amazing and so is his voice.  I have been influenced by so many people from Mariah Carrie, Whitney, Reba, Faith Hill and Shania Twain to name a few but if I ever had the chance to sing with one person on stage I'd have to say I'd be honored if I could share the stage with Martina McBride.  She is just incredible. Her voice says it all.

 "My Kind Of Crazy"  This single is about being who you are and loving it.  I wrote this song with Craig Wilson.  He is also the producer on this song.

           SEE YOU ALL AUGUST 22d!!

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Fighting for Independence! The 'Hive'

...after three years of this blog, supporting Indie Artists, I have seen many common threads among you all.  And some very uncommon, the most uncommon and at the same time the most encouraging to me is Yula Beeri's 'Hive'.


They are a community that welcomes, all of the arts, music, drama, performance art, poetry, sculpture, dance, and they welcome everyone.

They are in a struggle now and need support, so if you are an Indie Artists or just someone like me who finds it a bit disturbing to see all the extremely talented 'Indies' in NYC, struggling too, help the Hive, because they are an organization that could make a difference in the NYC scene, for all of us long term!!

Thanks for your time...take a look below at the show Yula and the Hive are using as a vehicle to raise some capital...the Hive like this blog is TOTALLY, non profit, and I can tell you any $ raised goes directly toward improving the facilities to help others!  I am 100000% on board with them!!
Hive, get BUZZZZ

The vehicle is their current show;
Yulix, A Rock Opera

here is the Hive 'official' 411....

What is it?- it's YuliX the Opera

The Extended Family takes it to another level Tale of the little falafel girl and Her only Love A delightful yet suspenseful, sexy musical story with dance (parental guidance suggested). We will have 50 seats in our refurbished Hive. We shall  perform YuliX five times in front of an audience of fifty friends.
This theatrical event will happen Sept. 1, 2, 3, and 5. Space is limited, so RSVP early: It takes a $20 donation to the Hive to ensure you a seat in one of these dates. This is a benefit for the Hive, our "kickstarter with no kickstarter". 

 Click here to reserve your seat now.  If you have trouble,  e- mail

 Click here to contribute what you like.

- Or, if you can't be with us because you live in another country, knowing you supported an organization that helps many others fulfill their dreams,  isn't that just lovely?
A Wise woman who plays the Saw Says:
"This is the night to bring along everyone in your life who doesn't know about this other world you belong to... come and be a part of an intimate (*seating is limited) underground performance. If your co-workers and family members make strange references to your mysterious 'sub-genre alter-ego', and have been curious (but not enough) to come see for themselves what the hell you're up to, this is the chance to bring them.  

 It will be a beautiful rock opera based on the nightlife you know and love,  a more formal choreographed work of YuliX art.

We try and do as much as we can with recycled material, volunteers and Barter - but we still need help. all it takes is your donation of $20 and an evening of cheer delight with us - choose a date - come, be an 
  ART Angel.

we will never turn our backs to those of you who TRULY can not afford to donate and still wish to attend.

In this case call: Tel 347 2281175 or e-mail
 - Come on board, Every head counts on this ship!