StreetcredMusic, Doc Film. Almost done!

....The editing process is moving along. Clara Lofaro's part is done. I'm just adding 'My2cents' about her at this point. It looks great I might say. In the process it became more of a personal story than a music feature, for Clara.

A portrait I had done of Clara, by Liz Emirzian
Soooo... just so you are not cheated, here is a musical clip, that will not be in the film. She wrote 'Hurricane' a great tune, for the film.

Enjoy:: Vimeo of 'Hurricane' being written

Since... it has been featured in an album, by American Idol finalist  Erika Van Pelt called 'My Independence'.


Now we are concentrating on 'The Diva'  ~Greta Panettieri, and her marvelous self.... days ahead watching all the footage of her smile and voice!!

~here are some clips of her::
Vimeo:: Greta in NYC!

Greta, Her Music
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HeSaid~SheSaid, 100 Years: Sinatra 2015, with Tessa Lena

I'm sure "The Chairman of the Board" would have loved the experimental sounds of Tessa Makes Love. With the Sinatra Centennial coming in December, I paired him up with some of my Songstress friends, from New York City.

 Sinatra was raised in a devout Catholic household in Hoboken, NJ. 

 He Said~~Here he is with :: Ave Maria, video

 Tessa Lena:
....was kind enough to send me this video, made in her LES apartment, in NYC..
with the note "this is one of the most beautiful of songs"..

She Said~~Tessa, with Video: Ave Maria

Ave Maria::
The original words of Ave Maria (Hail Mary) were in English, being part of a poem called The Lady of the Lake, written in 1810 by Sir Walter Scott . The poem drew on the romance of the legend regarding the 5th century British leader King Arthur, but transferred it to Scott's native Scotland. In 1825 during a holiday in Upper Austria, the composer Franz Schubert set to music a prayer from the poem using a German translation by Adam Storck. Scored for piano and voice, it was first published in 1826 as "D839 Op 52 no 6." Schubert called his piece "Ellens dritter Gesang" (Ellen's third song) and it was written as a prayer to the Virgin Mary from a frightened girl, Ellen Douglas, who had been forced into hiding.

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