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2013 StreetcredMusic...Going Global.

Let me take you 'behind the scenes' of the blog. for 2013....as they say in Hollywood, tell you who the makers and the shakers were for StreetcredMusic.

My piece on a most amazing young woman, Cezara Lucia Vlasescu, received the most hits for a single post.
You can enjoy her wonderful words here: Cezara Lucia Vladescu

 Cezara Lucia Vladescu
Cezara Lucia has helped make my blog global, opening up an audience to me in Eastern Europe and Russia. Maybe some day we will meet in New York City and I can thank her in person.


Coming in second in 2013 for most hits on a single post involves two songstresses, Clara Lofaro and
American Idol finalist Erika Van Pelt.

Erika on 'Idol'

Clara wrote a song for StreetcredMusic my Doc film.  And then Erika included it and three more of Clara's compositions in her new CD, 'My Independence' .
Here is that post::: Enjoy, 'Hurricane'

Clara Lofaro, singing 'Hurricane' Live, NYC

Another wonderful songstress who became my friend in 2013 was the amazing, Lawra.
AKA/ Laura Falcinelli.

Laura Falcinclli


I had the pleasure of reviewing her new CD, 'Origine'. And Laura has also brought many of her fans in Italy and Europe to my blog.

Here is my review of Lawra's new CD, and it was #4 in total hits in 2013. My Review

That's just a few of the totally amazing events that have made my blog a success, and 2014 could be even bigger!

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Clara Lofaro, StreetcredMusic, & Erika Van Pelt, Give Birth To 'Hurricane'

Clara Lofaro, at an amazingly young age, has a songbook under her belt that is unmatched by other Indie Artists I know. She writes from her heart, about life. She has a natural ability to take her feelings, emotions and experiences and put a melody and a lyric together with them, to leave the listener saying "yea, cool, been there done that".

 Clara Lofaro
 I'm 40+ years her senior, and her songs still send arrows through my heart, and mind.
Some day when she has a minute, I would love to put that 'song book' of her universal lyrics together.

OK, you got all that?
Then you can imagine how much of a treat it was for me (and it was her idea) when she decided to write a song for my movie, StreetcredMusic, the doc film

The song is 'Hurricane'. Here she is composing it in an apartment/studio, in Brooklyn, April 2012, as I sat just off camera, loving it.

Enjoy this::Video Clip, from StreetcredMusic

Long story short, speed up to November 2013...American Idol Finalist, the amazing Erika Van Pelt
has taken 'Hurricane' for her great new CD, 'My Independence' along with 'I Choose You', 'Listen Learn, Then Delete', and 'I Want More' all from Lofaro's stash of tunes.

Here's Erika's video of:: 'HURRICANE'

Erika Van Pelt
So, lucky me, being around from the time 'Hurricane' was conceived, to seeing a wonderful artist like Erika, record it, and of course I'll share the finale with you, when Clara herself sings it on screen, just minutes after she finished writing it, in that apartment/studio in Brooklyn.

'Hurricane' was co written with:: Craig Wilson
                                                        and David Browning

please like their Facebook pages::  Clara Lofaro
                                                         Erika Van Pelt

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She Said~~He Said, Greta Panettieri vs MJ..'I Just Can't Stop Loving You'

She Said>
OK...The Diva, AKA, Greta Panettieri :: From her new album, "Under Control"

Enjoy this unbelievable 'cover'::::Video!
'I Just Can't Stop Loving You'

The incomparable, Greta Panettieri
He Said>
    BTW: MJ made a video too~~~~~'I Just Can't Stop Loving You'

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Lycaon, The Story Of The First Werewolf, by Brendan Schweda

'Lycaon', is the work of author Brendan Schweda. 
 He puts together works of ancient Greek writers, and introduces a character that may not have been woven into the story before, when unearthing the first werewolf, the moon.

The genre this book fits, is enlightenment, and of course, entertainment. Of course it's fiction, but Branden makes it seem like a biography, a family history.

Here's why~
Author, Brendan Schweda::
 "I've always had an affinity for werewolves, and wanted to write a werewolf story. However, when I learned that the story of first werewolf, out of Greek mythology, had no mention of the moon... I decided to dig deeper. The obvious starting point was the Greek moon goddess, Artemis. In my subsequent research, I discovered a wealth of possible connections between King Lycaon, of Arcadia and the virginal Artemis."

Illustrations:: Liz Emirzian
Moon Goddess Artemis, King Lycaon

  "In my own telling of the tale, I interwove existing stories of the two characters and "filled in the blanks" when needed. I developed the story in the style of ancient oral tradition. Once the story was fashioned, it became a matter of finding the right artist to render these well-known characters in both a familiar and unique manner. When I became involved with the The Hive, last summer, I was introduced to the work of the skilled artist, Liz Emirzian. Her style was a perfect fit for my story. Over the past year, Liz produced some wonderful work. I couldn't be happier with our combination of text and images."

...Schweda developed a love for storytelling at an early age, while listening to stories spun by his father. Through those interactions, he learned that the most compelling stories are those in which the teller is personally invested, and the audience is able to recognize aspects of themselves in the tale.

 The publication is a wonderful read, for everyone.  I had to get a second copy to give as a holiday gift. You can purchase your copy (after sundown) HERE.

Lycaon, The Story: AUDIO

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