'Kiss Slash Crooked Smile' ~Ever Morphing.

"As the band is getting tighter and tighter, the human beings involved in it get closer and closer. We are becoming one entity (1 NTT) and we are ready to spread the word! The B.E.A.F. NYC will be the first of many, because we believe in miracles!"

...that quote from Stefano Baldasseroni, drummer for the group, and echoed by Yula Beeri, lead singer.  Assaf Spector is the lead guitar!

Asi, Yula, (Yulix) Stefano~~~AKA, 'Kiss Slash Crooked Smile'
The group had it genesis as an acoustic duo, Yula and Asi. Then they pardon the pun 'amped' it up.

They are emerging in New York City as a force, with Yula as the magnet, and the distorted guitar licks of Asi the spine and the percussion of Stefano as the foundation.
Experience, dedication and the desire to spread love is their forte!

The next 'mission' for the trio is June 7th. It will be the 'Best of Emerging Artists Festival' 
(the BEAF Stefano mentioned) in Brooklyn, at, Spike Hill, 186 Bedford Avenue.
After that is Rockwood Music Hall, NYC, on June 26th...9 PM!

Here's the full video: ENJOY!

The base for the band is a community of Indie Artist in Bushwick..'The Hive'
where all kinds of avant-guarde events take place!

Enjoy some photos I took at a rehearsal, they were gracious enough to let me hang out at!!

 The setting is The Hive::

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He Said~~She Said, Jazz Man Joe vs Champian

Everyone likes classic jazz. I especially love it because I have two young friends who take it and put their own twenty first century spin on it.
You know the music I'm talking about, just jazz, as it was meant to be, comfortable melodies, profound but universal lyrics, treated with respect.

Both of these artist are guilty on all counts of 'keeping the music alive'..and both currently have CD's that are making 'noise' on the Jazz Charts!!

He Said~Jazz Man, Joe Alterman

Joe Alterman 
From Atlanta, now living at Katz's Deli, in NYC!

I told Joe first time I saw him three years ago, he will be the hottest musician in NYC soon, he's there!!
Here's Joe doing a favorite of mine:: 'Time After Time'


She Said~Champian Fulton

If you have never seen this vocalist/pianist live, you must!!!!  She is one of the smoothest at what she does, not matter what the tune, ballad or up, she makes you feel like you are part of it. Audiences everywhere love her! She could be the hardest working woman in show business, seems she has a gig every night!!

Listen:: Here

Joe's CD, 'Give Me The Simple Life'....Get It Here

Champian's CD, 'Champian Sings and Swings'...Get It Here

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Nisha Asnani~~Ada Pasternak, in New York City.

Mothers Day, 2013...I was in NYC and got to see two amazing young women perform at Rockwood Music Hall.

First up was Nisha Asnani;
A voice, WOW! Some great original tunes, and her set flowed, I mean just flowed. A great set list, a wonderful band.  Call her, Soul? R&B? with a twist of just plain ole solid lyrics, and great melodic lines!!

  Nisha Asnani
Nisha, video

Next up was Ada Pasternak; 
Ada's set was filled with a bit of pop, jazz, and an ole school favorite of mine 'Angel Eyes'.
Her charming voice and arrangements, and her skill as a violinist made for a fast moving and unique and entertaining set.

  Ada Pasternak

Ada, Video

You will be hearing much more from them here, on StreetcredMusic and in NYC!

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My Blog?? by Pete Carma

What's you blog about?
That's another question I got time after time, in New York City. The answer is, nothing and everything.

It's about love, and bringing people together, and of course fighting the never ending battle to get people to SUPPORT independent art in all forms.

You will see jazz, pop, rock, ro/punk, R&B, soul, name it I got it for you, if it's quality and done with respect for the genre.

Greta Panettieri

 Kara Ali

Yula Beeri~~Clara Lofaro
....and visual artists too!

Jennie Booth
Anthony Papa
The internet is just a road for me to get artists together, get them venues they can use, hook up musicians, and make friends.
Monday night Clara Lofaro's show and video release was one of those creations, the artist, the venue, the camera, director, editor were all put together by StreetcredMusic, and soo many of the audience were artists from this blog who came to support!!! ...and Clara took all of them, worked her butt off for months, and got everything perfect as she always does!!!

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StreetcredMusic in New York City, May 2013, Part III

Photos of StreetcredMusic, in NYC.

Clara Lofaro's absolutely flawless performance before a packed house, Rockwood Music Hall's stage 2....To release her video/single~'Born To Love You'. 

 "Kiss Slash Crooked Smile'  Assi~Yuli~Stefano....

                                        *************************************** to meet the charming and talented Ada Pasternak

...............hanging with artist/activist.. Anthony Papa

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StreetcredMusic, in New York City, May 2013 Part II

Just some fun photos!!!

Erin Pellnat, Jean Fight~~Tony Papa, waiting for CLo show!!

Ran into Jazz Man....Joe Alterman

On Bleeker Street

Sarah Small she stars in a great new film coming sooooon! It's called 'Butter on the Latch'

My friend Randy Credico is running for Mayor of NYC.....he knows NY politics better than ANYONE!!!!!  check him out!!!

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StreetcredMusic, in New York City, May 2013. Part I

A very special thanks to Kiss Slash Crooked Smile for letting me spend a Saturday afternoon with them at 'The Hive'

Yula Beeri, Assi Spector and Stefano Baldasseroni.
I had the pleasure of watching them do what they do best, create music!!

Assi Spector, guitar~~~Yuli~~~Drummer extraordinaire, Stefano Baldesseroni

Here's some cool RAW video!

'The Love Giver'
View video here:

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Drummers, New York City Style~Mauricio Zottarelli & Stefano Baldasseroni

Is there an older instrument than the drums...don't think so.
Are they an ever changing and evolving force in music, yes.

Ever changing, means to work today in a city like New York you better be not only good, but versatile  Here are two of the BEST!

Mauricio Zottarelli

Brazilian born, New York City-based drummer/composer Mauricio Zottarelli has been on the forefront of the Jazz, Latin and Brazilian music scenes for years. Coming from a musical family, Mauricio was born in Santos, SP, Brazil, but grew up in Rio Claro, SP in a highly musical environment.

Enjoy:  Mauricio!


Versatility = Stefano Baldasseroni.
Stefano Baldasseroni
From Italy, Rock, Jazz, Punk, live theater, all are in his repertoire. Amazing hand speed.

Stefano holds the bottom of:
 Kiss Slash Crooked Smile   ~~~  Yula &The eXtenden Family~~At Sea

 Enjoy:  'Stefano'