Loida Liuzzi



StreetcredMusic: Say Thank You To, Blondie and Janis

 Enjoy the "Front Women" that I grew up with in New York City.

They had the stage and they use it to speak out. 

War, civil rights, women's rights, and equality.


"We only have one rule and that is there are no rules, 

so stand up and sing as much as you want to.”

Rock ‘n roll wouldn’t be the same without these women. It was a world dominated by men but these queens didn’t just break into mainstream and become household names, they also paved the way for other females to pursue their passion in music and be just as badass as their male counterparts.
“Women are not always taken as seriously as we should be, 
so sometimes we have to put our foot down"


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She died in 1970 but her influence on other female rockstars cannot be stated enough