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StreetcredMusic: #MeToo, Power, Let's Talk About It. By Tessa Lena

 A long awaited piece from one of my favorite thought processors.
Tessa Lena

Her always insightful commentary is refreshing, in this time of IA,
overreaction, surveillance and political correctness.

Someone who is interested, (for real) about bringing people together
as people not bots...Tessa is a breath of fresh air in today's shit storm of rhetoric.

Enjoy, this atricle~~
 HERE:   #MeToo~Power~R.Kelly (Full Article) 

        Originally published by: Fair Observer

© Kraft74 / Shutterstock

Tessa Fights Robots

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StreetcredMusic: A Catch Up Video with Erin Pellnat aka Erroneous

 Please enjoy this wonderful, vibrant artist. 

This is a video we did in New York City, this winter. 
I just wanted to find out what some of my favorite women artist have been up to.

We are like a family that does not see each other often enough.
Please enjoy and get to know Erin, she will brighten your day,
as she does mine.

 This video as all the videos I shoot, have no script, no rehearsal, no retakes, 
      what we shoot is what you get.

VIDEO: After The Music

Erin Pellnat aka Erroneous



StreetcredMusic: Rita Castor on Patreon, An Op/Ed

Open Letter To: Musicians
    Re: Patreon

I ran the indiemusician route for several years. Now I'm established in the music biz as a teacher. No, not teaching music or voice, teaching how to run a music business. A business of one or a full band, you must create an income from your product. Business #101.

I want to talk about Patreon. I myself have received several communications from musicians I know to join Patreon, and literally help support them financially.

I feel sad that they have asked me to do this. Sad because I know they are all being taken advantage of by venue owners who will not pay them for their gigs. Venue owners who are literally stealing from them, and profiting from their labors.

Of course the obvious solution is for all musicians to demand a payment for their gigs.
But egos won't allow them to put themselves in demand. That's a subject for a more serious time.

I am also a bit insulted that I'm being ask to give money, when they give their talent away, so venue owners can make hundreds if not thousands of dollars while they are on stage.

Summing up, what you are doing is asking your fans, who buy your music, come to see you, buy a drink or two, maybe some food, gas money, travel money, to also give you a monthly salary.
While the bar is full at anywhere from $10 to $14 dollars a drink, and they give you nothing.
Have you considered how it feels to get a request like that?

                                                                                     Rita Castor.


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