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Yulix &XFM at the Bowery Ballroom.

 ...on June 9th Yulix get's her time to show the world what 'StreetcredMusic' the documentary film and StreedtcredMusic the blog have been trying to get out for three years now... there are so many  Indie Artists, with talent, creativity and love in their music, that you need to get out and support them all!

Yulix &XFM


Yulix: So ....we are playing next at the Bowery Ballroom, so please forgive me if i will be showering you with e mails..

simple Q and A section?
Q-Yulix,  whats the date on that one?-
A- June 9th,

Q- what other bands on the bill and is it worth it?
A- Pimps of Joytime are headlining, and if you like dancing, u GOTTA stay for their set.  DJ Nickodemus and Navegante got their share of boogy.  so yea, i say it's TOTALLY worth it.

Q- how much are tickets
A- 16 American dollars in advance  and 18 at the door, (in other words- 2 Jameson's, 4 organic apples and a movie, )

Q-will you be having the best show in the history of XFM?
A- yes.

A- did i mention Rima Fand and Sarah Smalls are joining us for a quick Hydra moment?
Q. No

Hydra, a wonderful experience!

Q- where can i buy tickets?
A- I'm so glad you asked: here.
Thank you for your kind attention and if you can't come this time please send the information to those who you think will enjoy us



"StreetcredMusic" all time hit leaders.

All time hit leaders for 'StreetcredMusic'...how much fun it has been getting to know all the artists I have written about for the last 3 years!!

Thanks to all 165 of you!!

Greta Panettieri......8,907...3 years

Clara Lofaro........8,709...1.5 years

Nana Schwartzlose..8,700...from one post!!

Gio Moretti.........7,309...1 year

Ivete Sangalo....7,101....from one post!!

Lara Fabian...6,980....from two posts!

MaryC......4,090....7 months.

Jennie Booth...3,890...From one post!

Yula Beeri...3,654....1.5 years

 Nikki Yanofsky...3,001...from 2 posts.

.............others, Emily Wolf...2,800     Kalen...2,678   Kristin Hoffman....2,601...
Nadia Ackerman...2,588  Bekka Lindstrom...2,576  Joe Alterman...1,555... Solitaire Miles...1,456...Tammy Scheffer...1,191.

These totals are 'direct' hits, they do not include hits to the blog in general, that would add about another 20% to the numbers!

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Clara Lofaro, 2012

...A year and a half ago, I wrote my first live review of Clara Lofaro...and my life changed, literally.
here is that review; http://streetcredmusic.blogspot.com/2011/04/american-songstress-clara-lofaro.html

this photo taken that night, is now know as the infamous 'demin jacket' photo.
In subsequent articles I mentioned how close to being the next 'Pop Star' to come out of the New York City club scene CLo was. Well we are there man, we are there!!!  I say we because there is nobody rooting harder for this wonderful woman than me.

Hard working, dedicated, focused, and just spreading love and that mile wide smile everywhere she goes. Donating to worthy causes, especially woman's rights, Japan, and world hunger, you have to be in her corner!

Speaking of that smile...'Just Smile' her video hit single from her CD 'Clara Lofaro' just passed 100,000 hits on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyRgt527oL4

From the first few bars I heard at Clara's live review, I knew one thing, her music was deep, there was more to it than Pop. There were haunting melodic lines, hard felt lyrics and a construction that said 'listen to me!'

Here is what I mean: One of CLo's compositions 'Wrinkled $' ...that tells a story of it's own...put to dance, enjoy...

Clara, claralofaro.com

On Tuesday, May 29th, Vanity Fair will launch a world wide ad campaign featuring,
 'Just Smile' CLo's single. In addition her self titled CD which is getting major play in California and Pennsylvania, will be picked up by more and more stations.

Remember I said hard working; CLo is also currently being featured in my documentary film 'StreetcredMusic', shooting a music video, AND will tour Europe in July and August!

...your next chance to see Clara, live in NYC is June 13th, at 'The Canal Room'...we will be filming that show, so come down and let CLo win you over...

So starting Tuesday keep your eyes and ears open and you will hear music that WILL make you smile.

....and remember, "I told you so"
GET OUT support Indie Artists!

Tickets for The Canal Room Show:

dance credit; http://www.enforcedarch.com/

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Solitaire Miles Live Recording Session...

What a great way to start off the Memorial Day weekend...Friday night at Saturn Studios for the 'live' recording session for Solitaire Miles' new album.

Great music, some food, great guest list, all in all a wonderful event.

Solitaire performed two sets about an hour each, filled with 'swing' tunes from as far back as the thirties.
'What's Your Story, Mornin Glory' one of my favorites was done to perfection.

Solitaire teamed up with bassist, Marlene Rosenberg to do one of the classics that they now 'own'..
"Stars Fell on Alabama"..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHcJaUkjwzU

Solitaire, solitairemiles.com

...the evening seemed to fly by, as the tunes rolled out from this experienced, talented group that Solitaire has put together..Dave Gordon, piano, Marlene Rosenberg, bass, Brian Gephart, sax, and Jack Gallagher, bass trumpet..

here are some photos;  Studio owner and pianist Dave Gordon's 1927 Steinway.

....Brian Gephart, sax...Jack Gallagher, trumpet..

Solitaire, Marlene Rosenberg, bass!!

"The band' + me.
....two great 'jazzettes' Marlene and Solitaire!

 The album is still untitled, but I call it 'Timeless'...

Solitaire told me there will be more of these live recording events coming, I'll keep you posted!!

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Eleanor Dubinsky, At Cape May this summer!!

...if you are looking for a get/away weekend this summer, June 24th may be the time!
Cape May, on the Jersey shore may be the place....because one of this blogs favorites, Eleanor Dubinsky, will provide the entertainment!

Sea Salt, at The Ocean Club Hotel is the location, on Sunday June 24th. It will be a dinner show to top off your weekend on the beach...or fishing or site seeing, you can do it all at Cape May!!

Eleanor, eleanordubinsky.com

...here is a review I did for Eleanor, a while ago...http://streetcredmusic.blogspot.com/2011/07/eleanor-dubinsky-touch-sky.html
....and her wonderful CD, 'Touch The Sky'

Eleanor is multi lingual... English, French, Spanish...classics, original tunes and perhaps a Brazilian rhythm will be in the mix. Eleanor is a polished artist, she will make your evening something special.
She will be joined by guitarist Vita Tanga.

here's my fav by Eleanor: Enjoy!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLvxUzEqbeA

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Solitaire Miles, Dave Gordon..A Unique Recording Session

I am really excited to be invited to a rare event these days, a 'live' recording session, done in a studio with a live audience! On Friday May 25th, jazz vocalist, and one of the few ladies around today who can 'swing it' the way it was meant to be, Solitaire Miles will be recording her new album.

Solitaire Miles, solitairemiles.com
This exciting event will be at pianist Dave Gordon's Saturn Studio, 1620 Payne Street, Evanston, IL.
Friday May 25th at 8 PM.

There will be two sets, one at 8 and one at 10 PM with a one hour intermission at 9 PM.

Solitaire Miles
"I am really looking forward to recording with a live audience present. The audience is such a huge part of how we make the music because we are playing for them and how they react to what we are doing helps us create each song. It's fun to record in the studio alone, but it's never as fun as when there are real, live people there, listening and reacting to what we do, it really pushes us farther as artists and performers. I think this next record is going to be a killer because of that dynamic. We don't have a title for it yet, because we have to wait and see what unfolds during the session, and that depends a lot on our audience"
Dave Gordon, will be at the keys. Dave has been a Chicago jazz staple for years, and I've seen him several times with Solitaire, he is a true percussionist, I love watching him.

Marlene Rosenberg, will be on bass. No explanation needed here, she is one of the best. Marlene and Solitaire are just wonderful together!

Saxophonist Brian Gephart, another one of Chicago's leading jazz artists will also join Solitaire
for this truly 'All Star' recording session.

Jack Gallagher, bass trumpet, will add his smooth sound to this wonderful assemblage of Chicago jazz greats....I can't wait to hear this wonderful group!!  

...so if you can not be at Saturn Studio, in Evanston, this Friday...you can hear the session via U stream...    http://www.ustream.tv/channel/solitaire-miles-quintet

Dave Gordon, Solitaire, Brian Gephart, Jack Gallagher...."Swing"
 enjoy:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9c-nYcT1qno&feature=relmfu

See you next Friday!!

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Yula Beeri Live, Clara Lofaro Live & Me.

...next film shoot will be the week of June 9th. On the 9th Yula Beeri will be jammin with her 'eXtended Family' at the Bowery Ballroom, NYC. We will have her covered from head to toe. On June 13th, Clara Lofaro will be getting the Hollywood treatment at The Canal Room also in Da Apple!

Yula is working on her music as we speak!

Clara Lofaro, will 'show off' her talents on June 13th, at the Canal Room! This is one of or perhaps may be her last gig before going to Europe for some shows this summer! So come down town!!
...and have some fun with us, the week of June 9th.


Clara Lofaro, claralofaro.com
                                          ...filming two live shows!! having fun all over town,
 ...there is one small problem, we have been fighting over $$$$, but Gio said she's got us covered!!

Gio, giomorettimusic.com
 BTW the ladies have settled on a title for this wonderful affair of Love we are having with film making!  It's 'StreetcredMusic'.

 ...and Oh yea, sometime soon me and Yula will shoot our 'face to face' in Brooklyn. It's hard work guys, but someone has to do it!!

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Film Shoot Photos...StreetcredMusic, New York City

Enjoy the delightful ladies of my documentary film, about Indie Artists in NYC.
...buy talent, not popularity!!

Clara Lofaro, composing a new tune for her show May 16th at the Canal Room, with Craig Wilson!
   CLo is my everything!!  XO!

Yula Beeri, wherever she is people are happy, she is there!!  Love U! XO

Giovanna Moretti is a one of a kind woman, she has my heart! Class, Talent!
..........Ava Gardner, you have nothing on Gio  (if you know that reference you are old like me)

Papa left for Brazil, so I only over indulged one night with him!!

Alex Nolan, Amanda Ruzza, Gioooooo, Kayce McGghee....Musica & Bellezza.

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StreetcredMusic Documentary Film Photos III

The footage we shot is nothing short of  specular. Friday April 27th it was Clara Lofaro, we shot for six straight hours. Sunday April 29th we shot for nine hours with Gio Moretti, and she and Clara both performed live that night, as did our third featured lady Yula Beeri. Our day with Yula will be shot in June. Then comes the hard part, editing all this phenomenal footage into a fast pace film.
Remember we are selling 'talent' not popularity, like the record companies! We are Independent!! 

Clara Lofaro,claralofaro.com
 ...if you think Clara looks good behind the Concert Grand Piano at Caffe Vivaldi, you should hear her!
...her she is closing the show with her hit "Parade".

Jazz Man Joe Alterman, piano and Sarah Manning, alto sax, performed one of Sarah's compositions,
from her CD...'Dandlion Clock'

...this photo absolutely tugs at my heart...Yula and Gio just chattin about life, and believe me they are well equipped to discuss it! From different continents, different genre, but in common they have music and spreading love!

Yula Beeri https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yula-and-the-eXtended-family/124717849424

Jazz Man Joe Alterman said as I sat with him watching Yula..."She is phenomenal"

...we will be filming Yula's show at the Bowery Ballroom, NYC on June 9th, come join us!
Yula not only brings her great music and musicians, but she will make sure everyone has a good time!

here's a vid; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXP2Fo0vOhU

some more photos of Love...supporting Independent Music!!

Kiss Slash Crooked Smile-Yulix, Assi on guitar!

Alex, Amanda, Gio...Kayce was on keys!

Also thanks to Ishrat Ansari, owner of Caffe Vivaldi here he is trying to sign Yula to a life time contract!!  Thanks for having us Caffe Vivaldi!!
Also a BIG thank you to Crop To Cup Coffee in Brooklyn...that's where me and Clara Lofaro, started our labor of love...

And there are no thanks to the SRO crown who showed up at Caffe Vivaldi Sunday night!!  You saw 12 of the best artists, writers, musicians in a small venue, for free, you had access to great food and booze, got great service....that's what Independent Musicians offer, so get out more often!!

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Streetcredmusic Documentary Film, New York City II

Independent musicians sell talent, record companies sell popularity, you have a choice!

Sarah McLennan, http://sarahmclennanmusic.com/
...whenever I'm in New York City I'm always looking for new Indie artist, this lovely lady is from Australia, Sarah McLennan and here we met for the first time, she has a smooth sexy sound, you'll hear more soon!!

Yula Beeri

I had not seen Yula in months and I just wanted to squeeze her so some of that love she spreads would surround me!!

Kayce McGehee  http://kaycemcgehee.com/
...another bright young songstress, Kayce McGehee, was on hand to play keys and do backup vocals for Gio Moretti at our live show at Caffe Vivaldi Sunday night!

here are some more great shots from our film shoot:
............I love bringing roses to a woman when she least expects it.

 .....what Gio is doing here is what I describe in my introduction of her, you will have to see the film to find out what it is.....I did not realize it when I took this shot, but I see it now!

I just love this shot, no reason, just love it!

This is what I really take away from doing these projects, and live shows. Here Yula and Gio two of the most talented women in the world, just chat, and I brought them together, that's the payoff for me!

.....if you are wondering why CLo is not in more shots, it's because we shot her day indoors, we never took a break and I would have had to use a flash and I did not want to disrupt the film in any way.

we still have more....So I'll leave you with a smile till tomorrow!!
...or should I say the ladies will!!

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