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"StreetcredMusic" the film...New York City film shoot photos.

having fun... some new photos from the making of my documentary film. 'StreetcredMusic'

I hope you will see what a true labor of love this is!!

                                       ...this is what makes it all worth while,
                        two of my favorite people in the world meet... 
                                               Clara Lofaro  and Sarah Zar

                                                           .....Dana McCoy
                                                                          connects with Yuli

                                                ......enjoying CLo, at the Canal Room!

this was a moment i will never forget, it was a true act of love, it's blurry because i could not hold the camera steady!

Three talented people..

                                               ....Yuli and Ishrat, the owner of Caffe Vivaldi

                                               CLo got a Rose and... got a ride on the 'Yulix Mobile'

                                           ...then as if by 'magic' a Diva from Rome showed up!!

             soooo many talented people are getting together and having FUN!!   get the picture!

'StreetcredMusic' like us!

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Photos From 'StreetcredMusic' the movie and New York City!!

...here is a montage of photos from all the shooting we have done so far on 'StreetcredMusic' my documentary film.  Enjoy!

Yuli and me
Sonia Montez, Greta, me.
Greta and 'Charmin Ultra'
Clara, belting out 'Hurricane' for the first time!
Clara, Craig Wilson
Cocktail time, Sarah Manning, Clara
Crew; Peter Steusloff, Tami Meir and Gio
Jazz Man Joe Alterman and Sarah Manning getting ready to Jammm!
Yuli's kool kicks!
Clara at Vivaldi shoot!
The one and only, Bekka Lindstrom, on her rooftop apartment..
more cocktails, with the 'other' one and only Sarah Zar!

The amazing ladies of 'Hydra'  Rima Fand, Yuli and Sarah Small!!
 more coming....'like' our page...'StreetcredMusic' the film

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Jade Simmons, EP Release 'Playing With Fire', Apple Store Concert!

'Playing With Fire' is a phrase that is used to warn someone. The warning is you are now entering a danger zone, the unknown.
That's nothing new for Jade Simmons, AKA Superwoman!

Her first step into the unknown was her previous CD, Revolutionary Rhythm  a successful attempt to take Classical and bring in a new audience, it worked for me!

Jade Simmons

"Cyber Digs of Multifaceted Pianist Jade Simmons" is the quote on her site, about 'Playing With Fire' but I see it as a bit more!
This is a woman, who was born to bring her music to the public... I see her as ever morphing, and this is just another niche on the handle of her gun.

The Album:
'Boss's Nova'...love it! This tune infers a bit of Bossa Nova, smooth, and then Jade throws in some 'funk'... and of course that combo always gets sexy!
Video: 'Boss's Nova'

'Sean Michael'...you need to pay attention on this one! Some Synth, some turntable scratchin, a Latin rhythm in the mix, and the athleticism of Jade on the keys, it's scary what they create here.

'Fire'...is a great title for this tune. It's like looking at a Fire, it takes your mind and relaxes it. You just kinda trust what you are hearing to entertain you, like watching a 'Fire'.  

'Dolphy To The Death' is the 'heaviest' piece on the EP. It shows you just how talented Jade is as a pianist, she excels. This is the tune that reveals what's inside Jade, the voice that tells her DO MORE, reach out explore...the unknown, "play with fire!"

'Fire (Rap Version)'....really cool!

....totally enjoyed this!

for other articles on Jade Simmons, just type her name in the search box!!

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Erin Pellnat, 'Jean Fight'..Artists in New York, Part Ten

The first time I saw Erin Pellnat she was singing back up for a band that broke up shortly after that. But I knew there was a spirit and a voice there that would find it's way.

So fast forward about a year and a half to last Friday night when me and Greta Panettieri stopped in to see Erin and her newly formed band 'Jean Fight' for the first time.

I told Greta I didn't know what we should expect, I knew she had energy and a voice...
Greta (one of the best singers on the planet) said ...Pete, let's just go and support her!

Erin Pellnat
...well the show was terrific. We loved the music and that energy I spoke of was a perfect compliment to that wonderfully powerful voice!
OK, so now you know if you read this blog at all, Erin Pellnat is on my radar and you will be hearing lots more about her!!

Erin, tell me how New York City influences you, your life and your music?

 I've been singing practically my entire life, but I won't lie. There was a bit of time after I graduated high school that I wasn't mentally prepared to face my life's work. 

I went to SUNY Purchase for two years studying liberal arts the first year and, in a fit of desperation for musical sustenance, opera the second year. Opera wasn't me at all, though I gave it my all. 

I took a year off and moved to New York City, which was the fall of 2009. I've never looked back. The moment I moved here, the little devil on my shoulder that wanted me to 'goof off' and prolong doing any kind of real work had vanished. Ever since then, I've been singing and writing and doing everything I can to make my musical career/dream as fruitful and fulfilling as possible. Maybe it's the people. Maybe it's the hustle bustle. Maybe it's the artistic surroundings. I don't know how to explain it....
                                          New York just does that to you.

Erin Pellnat & 'Jean Fight'
  If you were leaving the planet and could only take one album with you
which would you take?

 Oh boy! That's a tough one. I've been influenced by so many records of so many genres. To choose JUST ONE. Well, my head keeps coming back to one over and over...."No Doubt" - Tragic Kingdom. No Doubt was my first obsession. My dad printed out all the lyrics at work and brought them home for me to learn. I recorded myself on my karaoke machine singing that album.  I wanted to be Gwen Stefani so badly as a child. I swore I'd have a band just like her where I was the only girl. Look at me now!! ;) Yes. Definitely Tragic Kingdom.

 2. If you could perform with anyone, who would it be?

Now THERE'S an answer I don't have to think about at all. Sia Furler. She is my favorite singer. If I ever make it big, she's the first person I'm contacting for a collaboration. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can sing like that chick. And what a great all-around artist! She astounds me constantly. Oh, and she has a new album coming out! Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

 my thanks to Erin Pellnat for taking the time to be 'Artist in New York' # 10 in my series.
I hope this will introduce you to her, and you will GET OUT and support this wonderful Indie Artist.

the EP...for 'Jean Fight'...is available here: http://jeanfight.bandcamp.com/

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Clara Lofaro, Film Clips From 'StreetcredMusic' the Doc Film!

Here is a taste of what Singer/Songwriter...Clara Lofaro had to say to me in the making of our labor of love film, 'StreetcredMusic' in support of all Indie Artist!

Here are two clips of Clara talking about, her music and her caring spirit!

...FYI Clara has donated proceeds to Japan, Action Against Hunger and Woman's Rights groups!!

 'Perfect World' by Clara was her contribution to Action Against Hunger..

listen to: Perfekt World    

                                                Clara, talkin music!

'StreetcredMusic' the film


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Encore! Greta Panettieri and Mauricio Zottarelli, at the Zinc Bar!

September 13th is the date, the record for hits on this blog has been smashed!
...the total now is 5,987 and there is still 2 hours to go in the day!

Greta Panettieri and Mauricio Zottarelli .. (Drums) are the reason,
 they have dominated the blog... for weeks now!!

.........so here is an ENCORE!    

this footage is from the filming of my documentary film "StreetcredMusic"
                   at the Zinc Bar, NYC! 

           Enjoy! A film clip~~
                        Greta Panettieri, featuring Mauricio Zottarelli

Greta with Mauricio Zottarelli

 Greta, on coming back to New York City:

Is it really 2 years?
...no it's been more,wait it's got to be less...
when did you get in town?
hmmm a week ago ,no a month I saw so many people and did so many things it's got to be more....

Well yeah NYC would do that to you,  easily!
I have been away for the past 2 years and believe me between the good and the bad they were pretty long years.
 I moved 3 times traveled around, recorded albums , played great festivals or shitty gigs, put bands together, met new friends and I now have..well.. I have cats and dogs, but the second I stepped out of the airport (you can't consider yourself here until you make it through customs..) I was home and the time gap between now and 2 years ago got filled up in a blink.

 Besides my rusty English and some more wrinkles around my eyes an maybe a couple extra super fancy expensive delis in the neighborhood, NYC was holding it all for me to find it all exactly where I left it. Isn't it wonderful? I bet this city does the same for all of us 'New Yorkers of heart' .

On keys, the maestro: Cidinho Teixeira
     ....bass, Itaiguara

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Mauricio Zottarelli, drummer extraordinaire!

Mauricio Zottarelli, drums, percussion, I met him while we were filming Greta Panettieri at the Zinc Bar for my documentary film, StreetcredMusic, he is the drummer for 'Brazilian Nights'.

The first thing I though when I watched him was WOW! Then I thought Joe Morello!

I asked Mauricio a bit about himself so I could let you enjoy his talent!

 I have been involved with and surrounded by music since I was a little baby in Brazil. I started playing drums when I was 14, and after a Computer Science degree I decided to take music much more seriously, and try to make a living playing music.

Then I asked him about 'creating' which is what they do on 'Brazilian Nights' with Greta Panettieri.

 Working with Greta is always an unbelievable experience! She's is one of my  all-time favorite singers. I feel she is in such a high level artistically, that we can explore any ideas with her, and really have the freedom as a group to go anywhere we want musically. The shows and the music always flow beautifully, and with Cidinho Teixeira and Itaiguara also in the group, it's really 4 "like-minded" people simply conversing and chatting with each other, and letting the art and music take its course, with no barriers and no preconceptions. It's improvised music with all it's beauty, virtuosity and risk-taking honesty. For a jazz performer, I don't think it gets any better than that!

Here are the two questions I ask everyone!

1. If you were leaving the planet and could only take one album with you, which would you take?

 Mauricio:  As for your questions - my 1 album to "take along an interplanetary expedition" would be  Led Zeppelin "Physical Graffiti".

2. If you could play with anyone who would it be?

Mauricio:  Quite a few people that are gone and I would love to play with.... Michael Brecker, John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix.... the list goes on and on.....

Thanks to Mauricio Zottarelli for the time and comments!!

 If you have a chance get to the Zinc Bar Brazilian Nights, any Sunday!!

Enjoy: Greta & Mauricio

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Footage of Greta Panettieri!!! New York City Film shoot!!

...this speaks for itself...Greta Panettieri  at Zinc Bar...

                                                    "this is my favorite band"

 Pete Carma : Greta can you give my readers or at least try to explain what you are feeling about being back in NYC with the 'Brazilian Nights' band after two long years?

..."playing with Cidinho, Itaiguara, and Mauricio is one of the best thing any musician can do to him/herself...
Imagine being lost in the desert without food or water and you are getting tired and hopeless, all of a sudden you see a beautiful refreshing and welcoming Oasis where you find shelter, lots of fresh fruits and water, hammocks hanging in the shade of old palm trees and your heart is full of gratefulness and joy because not only you are safe but it's just amazing ...
well that's how I felt the other night...more or less...actually it was even more than that but  I have no words to describe it"

                                                  "it's magic, Pete"


 catch Greta Panettieri this Sunday September 16th at the Zinc Bar, NYC 8:00 PM!!
....she goes back to Italy next week!

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'StreetcredMusic' the film, New York City shoot!

Photos from our best week ever!!! 'StreetcredMusic' the film...we were all together..the vino and the Jameson's was flowing...we had a ball for 6 days!!! These shots speak for themselves!!

                            ....people meet and exchange ideas at the Hive....
                                                         Greta~Sydney( a sculptor, she cooks for the Hive)

                                              blah, blah, blah....just some more LOVE!!

                             we stopped in to see Mike Savino Friday at The Living Room!


                                                             After......'Yulix The Opera'

                                  The YuliX mobile in it's place of honor, in front of the Hive

                                                                     The 'Odd Couple'

                      One of my very favorite ladies, Dana McCoy
                                                                        with me and Gretaaaaa!


                         If you were there (the Hive) you know what happened here,
                                                                if not, too bad!!

This was one of the moments that made my heart actually stop. It made everyone in the room, who had been partying all night, remember how much talent there was in the Hive that night! Check out Chen Prat (kneeling) also singin her butt off, with YuliX and Greta!! What a moment!!!

These two seem to always show up where the action is!!  Donna Jean Fogel & Bekka Lindstrom!

                                             This truly was a 'Magical' moment!

                                                 more pics coming in a day or two!!

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