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Some 'Out Takes' from StreetcredMusic, the film!

here are some music videos from StreetcredMusic, my documentary film in support of Indie Artists...

                                   The best in the business...GRETA PANETTIERI!!

                                                   The Angels of Hydra

                                                                        Gio Moretti

.......just some of the wonderful music made in the making of: 'StreetcredMusic'

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StreetcredMusic reaches 600,000 Hits 'All Time'...Thanks to Greta Panettieri!

Once upon a time, historians put the date somewhere around May of  2010 AD, in a place called Greenwich Village, New York City, a friendship was born.

The timing and situation of this meeting between me and Greta Panettieri seemed just coincidental at the time, but just a few months later, my life changed big time!

This was taken the first night me and Greta met, Rockwood Music Hall

This was taken that night also, that's my business card from a former employer in her hand.

I chose Greta's Band  'Greta's Bakery' to review on my trip to NYC. The publications I was working for paid me, but refused to publish the article. They said they wanted someone 'famous'.  Soooo after a few weeks of thinking about it, I thought...This wonderful woman, with her amazing talent, along with Andrea Sammartino, and Mike LaValle needed a voice.

Sooo, I quit working for the corporate minded publications and sat down and created 'StreetcredMusic' this totally non/profit blog and my life has never been the same.
I have befriended dozens of Indie Artists, written about over 150 all together, spent my own $$$
written what I want about the army of talented artists out there who need someone to give them a push.
My main goal is to get you (my readers) off the dependence of  main stream record companies that 'force feed' you a steady diet of 'their people'.

Sooo, that's it...me and Greta have had a nice measure of success since that meeting, she is on the verge of some more as we speak, a new album... she is a featured artists in my documentary film, along with Yula Beeri and Clara Lofaro, and best of all, for me she is .."La mia amica speciale"

....and thanks to all of you who have enjoyed (I hope) reading about all the wonderful artist who have given me their time and their TRUST!!!

This is me and Greta in September, in NYC, she lives now in Rome, she flew back to do her part in "StreetcredMusic" my doc film, and we had sooooo much fun, and she will be back soon!!

 ~~check us out: here is the story and photos of that amazing week...

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The CD, 'The Poetics', the artist Gio Sgarlata

Art meets music? Perhaps, but I think, life meets music, may be a better phrase to describe this diversity of music and lyrics by Gio Sgarlata.

 I hear in Gio's voice a modern day poet, who, is expressing herself with a strength... That strength seems to come from the experience of life, the words are both universal and incisive.

Musically this CD is diverse.
some of the cuts:   'Leavin My Addiction'  a kinda bluesy, rock, semi funky tune.
"gonna ride that superhighway, get closer to Elvis"...."If I could find a guru, maybe a Jesus or a Ghandi, for certain I would pull through, don't really want to"

"Window Cat"  I love this one! Gio takes a situation we have all faced, and puts it to a melodic line that hits you just right.
"Well I'm scramblin' on the ground like a cat who fell from a window~Bent on survival~Wonderin' which way to go." "The quickest way to escape is right out through that door."
"Well I rather be a mule in the desert, than a carpet beneath your feet."

"Wished I Had A Baby"  ...another cool tune. It's kind of a 'twangy' country sound.
But again, it's truly poetry put to music. The line here that gets me is..."I wished I had sweetheart, I wished I had someone to hold my hand, and make me no demand."
.....a wonderful tune!!

...diversity, good melodies and marvelous lyrics is all you get, with this excellent work!
by Gio Sgarlata.
Gio Sgarlata

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StreetcredMusic, The Documentary film....new raw footage 4U!

>>>just some raw footage, from this wonderful labor of love, starring
 Clara Lofaro  ~ Yula Beeri and  Greta Panettieri.

>>>hope you enjoy and continue to follow us as we try to show the world that 
Indie Artists need support, to continue all of the arts, we feature MUSIC!

Indie Artists work hard, for little reward, but yet they continue to deliver the very best music.
They create and present an alternative to the record companies 'force feeding' us the same 3 chords year after year!

...here is Yula, with two of her groups, Hydra  and the eXtended Family


               ....me and Greta are talking here about an Independent Visual Artists who also writes..
                                                  Jennie Booth
     ...and the moment we were waiting for, for two and a half years....Greta arriving at JFK
                                                 from Rome!!

...we will all be back in NYC soon to have some more fun...I mean do some filming (it's all the same to us)....watch the blog, we would love to have you all come and see the shows we have planned...

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Clara Lofaro, Kalen
hear them all:

Eleanor Dubinsky
.......also, Solitaire Miles, Joanie Pallatto, and Catherine Whitney!!


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Jennifer Graham, Songstress Extraordinaire

...one of the first ladies of song I was introduced to here in Chicago was, Jennifer Graham.
...Jazz, R&B are her game...

Jennifer Graham
Her style is unique, her voice is amazing, her presence on stage...'Diva like' in the best possible way!

Whether it's a smooth slow rendition of  'Body and Soul' or an up beat tune like 'Good Enough'  this wonderful creator of music has my ear!

Here is some Jennifer for your ears...'Good Enough'

I had a chat with her recently, enjoy:

I asked Jennifer the two questions I ask everyone:
1. If you were leaving the planet and could take only one album with you, which would you take?

 If I could take one album with me it would have to be a Billie Holiday album, I think. Because from Billy I could always find something new and exciting in the way she tells a story. I also know that we always said that she really never sings a song twice the same way, so I get the most from it when I'm listening to her... with a really great trio behind her, that she can pull expression from in her interpretation of the song.

2. If you could perform with anyone, who would it be?

 If I could perform with anyone it would be pianist Monte Alexander. I love the way he plays the piano. Some Caribbean, some classical but all beautiful. I really think he could bring the best out of me with any tune.

Jennifer has 3 CD's. .....I'm looking forward to seeing  her at this event October 10th!

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My Week With Greta Panettieri, in New York City!

...it's been exactly one month since my week with Greta Panettieri, in New York City.
...it was her first trip back in two years, and I needed a month to come down from the high of it all.
...we shot some footage of her for my documentary film, 'StreetcredMusic'  and introduced her to her costars Clara Lofaro and Yula Beeri.

Air Train from JFK!
Sometimes when you meet someone, like Greta, like I did three years ago, you know from the jump this is a special lady!

To say that I am charmed to death by her smile, her positive personality, and her talent would be an understatement.

The week had so many extraordinary moments...but I'll try to relate some and the feeling of all involved.
Just walking the streets of the East Village every day with her was a story in itself.
How she would...
navigate the city when she first came from Italy, not speaking the language and being broke, they seem funny to some....BUT, the story there is her desire to sing jazz, was as she put it, not a career, it was a matter of life and death. Nothing else was on her mind!
...being a jazz freak she was thrilled when her first subway ride was "THE A TRAIN"!

With her adorable accent she said Pete, name a job, I did it...delivered blinds, baby sat!!
Speaking of the baby sitting gig, she told me she sat for a family with $$$ and the kids would not eat their dinner, so she would wrap it up and take the kids to a homeless shelter and make them give it to the homeless!!

Me and Greta on the sidewalk outside Rockwood Music Hall
Later that night of her arrival, we filmed a chat we had on the sidewalk outside Rockwood Music Hall, the place we met three years previous. We filmed with all the noise of the street the fire engines and the people walking by, it was New York as it's natural self, as were, me and Greta, as if she never left! See those smiles, they lasted all week!

We could not walk more than a block without running into someone who knew her and was amazed to see her back in New York City, I marveled at how many people we ran into that love her.

The wonderful week that I anticipated, went totally off the charts because we spent four of the five nights with Yula, and Clara. But back to night one...we were joined by my life long friend Tony Papa
and someone I was just getting to know, Sonia Montez a brilliant Indie Artist in New York City.

We celebrated at Da Marino ( Sarah McClennan plays there) it was Pasquale, the owners birthday, and we had to eat!!
What a fun filled night. Greta uttered one of her favorite quotes of the week, after some food and lots of Vino, she said Pete, "I need a beer".

Sonia Montez, Greta, me!!

Two nights at The Hive
...with Yula and all the BEEs and the Killkenny Cats was remarkable.
...A show, Dinner and lunch with Clara, was a special treat.

But the Crown Jewel of the week for me and Great was Sunday night.
We filmed her reunion with the "Brazilian Nights" band at the Zinc Bar! I can tell you Greta was like a kid on Christmas morning all week waiting for this. We captured it ALL for the film!

Here's some of the footage we shot at the Zinc Bar::Greta sings!

I could write ten more pages on this lady, her talent and all the fun we had, but the thing I left New York City with was a warm heart.

Yula and Greta sang a capella and got along like sisters, and to stand on the street in Brooklyn with them and listen to Greta and Clara speak Italian, and get to know each other, and the fact that they all showed up to support each other all week, and we acted as one unit, was for me the reward that comes with helping them and doing what I do!

Greta will be back and we will do this again....and it will be cold, she will have to bring her hats!!
I asked her this week when would you like to come back, she said, "anytime as long as there is a Sunday involved!"

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