StreetcredMusic: HipHop/Classic Two Angels Will Turn Your Head.

A tranquilizer for the anti HipHop people. Two friends of mine who turned MY head.

...First a slice of 'Pound Cake' from Lucine Fyelon

Enjoy, Video: 'Pound Cake

...And from the master communicator, Jade Simmons  
HipHop, as a communication of life, delivered at Elgin Community College.
Enjoy the Video: 'Beethoven Was Black'

Enjoy their FB pages::

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StreetcredMusic: Throwback Thursday... Just Some Friends Singing.

TBT>Just some friends singing. Some of my favorite women, just doin what they do, making me feel good with their music, and spreading love.

'Love Automatic'


'Song for the Ocean'

Kristin Hoffmann

Diamond Lil'

I'm Not Over Love

Sonia Eden
....all these women are independent, please click on their links, and #Supportindie.

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StreetcredMusic: 'A Week At TheHiveNYC'. With Alain Rochefort and Yuki Sato

This is great, I now have someone else who can rave about TheHiveNYC.

Last week Yuli invited me to come out to 20 Cook Street, see a project that was born out of a meeting with Alain Rochefort and Yuki Sato. As I understand it, it was over dinner at Christmas, when Yuli and Isaac Henry Gardner, were visiting Boston.

The workshop was so awesome, I have some photos of the work involved.
The show was a mix of pure imagination, light, deception, diversion with a story of well,
......I saw an emergence of some kind, mankind? Human nature?

Yuli's costume being painted with Latex the day of the show.
I'll let Alain tell you his thoughts::
"This past Christmas while having dinner at my place in Boston, I pitched concept ideas for a show called 'Prism' to Isaac and Yuli.

They liked the ideas and invited me to come to TheHive for a week, and workshop the ideas.
The catch was there needed to be a performance at the end of the week, showcase what was work-shopped.

The 'Prism'
 ...My fiance and I arrived at TheHive on Monday, with nothing but concepts and brought them to TheHive community. I learned that 'TheHive' is the perfect name for this place, as whenever we needed help Yuli or Issac would make a call, and out of nowhere someone amazingly talented would show up and lend a hand to do whatever we needed.
Thanks to them we were able to create a 10 minute show that was thought provoking and visually
Yuki, Yuli, Alain & Isaac preparing.

Yuli, Alain, Yuki
....the performance was followed by a feed back session, which allowed us to know what did or did not work, and how we can evolve the show moving forward".

Yuki and I want to thank Isaac and Yuli and TheHive community for their time, creativity and their patience....Alain Rochefort

It was a nice evening as always at TheHive, I had fun taking part, and of course you all know Yuli, 
is the one and only Yula Beeri, founder and President of TheHive.

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