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2013 StreetcredMusic...Going Global.

Let me take you 'behind the scenes' of the blog. for 2013....as they say in Hollywood, tell you who the makers and the shakers were for StreetcredMusic.

My piece on a most amazing young woman, Cezara Lucia Vlasescu, received the most hits for a single post.
You can enjoy her wonderful words here: Cezara Lucia Vladescu

 Cezara Lucia Vladescu
Cezara Lucia has helped make my blog global, opening up an audience to me in Eastern Europe and Russia. Maybe some day we will meet in New York City and I can thank her in person.


Coming in second in 2013 for most hits on a single post involves two songstresses, Clara Lofaro and
American Idol finalist Erika Van Pelt.

Erika on 'Idol'

Clara wrote a song for StreetcredMusic my Doc film.  And then Erika included it and three more of Clara's compositions in her new CD, 'My Independence' .
Here is that post::: Enjoy, 'Hurricane'

Clara Lofaro, singing 'Hurricane' Live, NYC

Another wonderful songstress who became my friend in 2013 was the amazing, Lawra.
AKA/ Laura Falcinelli.

Laura Falcinclli


I had the pleasure of reviewing her new CD, 'Origine'. And Laura has also brought many of her fans in Italy and Europe to my blog.

Here is my review of Lawra's new CD, and it was #4 in total hits in 2013. My Review

That's just a few of the totally amazing events that have made my blog a success, and 2014 could be even bigger!

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Clara Lofaro, StreetcredMusic, & Erika Van Pelt, Give Birth To 'Hurricane'

Clara Lofaro, at an amazingly young age, has a songbook under her belt that is unmatched by other Indie Artists I know. She writes from her heart, about life. She has a natural ability to take her feelings, emotions and experiences and put a melody and a lyric together with them, to leave the listener saying "yea, cool, been there done that".

 Clara Lofaro
 I'm 40+ years her senior, and her songs still send arrows through my heart, and mind.
Some day when she has a minute, I would love to put that 'song book' of her universal lyrics together.

OK, you got all that?
Then you can imagine how much of a treat it was for me (and it was her idea) when she decided to write a song for my movie, StreetcredMusic, the doc film

The song is 'Hurricane'. Here she is composing it in an apartment/studio, in Brooklyn, April 2012, as I sat just off camera, loving it.

Enjoy this::Video Clip, from StreetcredMusic

Long story short, speed up to November 2013...American Idol Finalist, the amazing Erika Van Pelt
has taken 'Hurricane' for her great new CD, 'My Independence' along with 'I Choose You', 'Listen Learn, Then Delete', and 'I Want More' all from Lofaro's stash of tunes.

Here's Erika's video of:: 'HURRICANE'

Erika Van Pelt
So, lucky me, being around from the time 'Hurricane' was conceived, to seeing a wonderful artist like Erika, record it, and of course I'll share the finale with you, when Clara herself sings it on screen, just minutes after she finished writing it, in that apartment/studio in Brooklyn.

'Hurricane' was co written with:: Craig Wilson
                                                        and David Browning

please like their Facebook pages::  Clara Lofaro
                                                         Erika Van Pelt

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She Said~~He Said, Greta Panettieri vs MJ..'I Just Can't Stop Loving You'

She Said>
OK...The Diva, AKA, Greta Panettieri :: From her new album, "Under Control"

Enjoy this unbelievable 'cover'::::Video!
'I Just Can't Stop Loving You'

The incomparable, Greta Panettieri
He Said>
    BTW: MJ made a video too~~~~~'I Just Can't Stop Loving You'

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Lycaon, The Story Of The First Werewolf, by Brendan Schweda

'Lycaon', is the work of author Brendan Schweda. 
 He puts together works of ancient Greek writers, and introduces a character that may not have been woven into the story before, when unearthing the first werewolf, the moon.

The genre this book fits, is enlightenment, and of course, entertainment. Of course it's fiction, but Branden makes it seem like a biography, a family history.

Here's why~
Author, Brendan Schweda::
 "I've always had an affinity for werewolves, and wanted to write a werewolf story. However, when I learned that the story of first werewolf, out of Greek mythology, had no mention of the moon... I decided to dig deeper. The obvious starting point was the Greek moon goddess, Artemis. In my subsequent research, I discovered a wealth of possible connections between King Lycaon, of Arcadia and the virginal Artemis."

Illustrations:: Liz Emirzian
Moon Goddess Artemis, King Lycaon

  "In my own telling of the tale, I interwove existing stories of the two characters and "filled in the blanks" when needed. I developed the story in the style of ancient oral tradition. Once the story was fashioned, it became a matter of finding the right artist to render these well-known characters in both a familiar and unique manner. When I became involved with the The Hive, last summer, I was introduced to the work of the skilled artist, Liz Emirzian. Her style was a perfect fit for my story. Over the past year, Liz produced some wonderful work. I couldn't be happier with our combination of text and images."

...Schweda developed a love for storytelling at an early age, while listening to stories spun by his father. Through those interactions, he learned that the most compelling stories are those in which the teller is personally invested, and the audience is able to recognize aspects of themselves in the tale.

 The publication is a wonderful read, for everyone.  I had to get a second copy to give as a holiday gift. You can purchase your copy (after sundown) HERE.

Lycaon, The Story: AUDIO

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The CD is 'One More Cup of Coffee', by Kosi.

The creativity, the delivery, from Kosi, the range of her voice, and the composition of 'One More Cup of Coffee' her new  CD, just knocked me on my butt.
This relatively new songstress has the talent and the delivery of a singer much beyond her years.
Her style is uniquely refreshing, taking me back to the days of the jazz/blues singers who invented as the performed. 

 Kosi Gyebi Sorensen
The CD is packed with jems::
The title tune, 'One More Cup of Coffee', is as bad ass as the blues can ever be. This is one of the tunes that make me say...where did she get this grit, this ability to make the ears of an old time blues lover like me stand up? On this awesome arrangement, the guitar is made to talk by, Aron Marchak...Great tune!

They team up again on 'Need Your Love' ...this time they mix in some funk, and Kosi shows just how talented she is by exhibiting her amazing vocal range.

This is one solid, solid work, ten tunes in all. Another tune that grabbed me by the neck was the old standard 'Autumn in New York'. Most artists misinterpret this tune, they think it should be an up tune, a happy tune, not so. Kosi takes it and lives it, and gets the true message of the 1934 Broadway lyric by Vernon Duke across, from her gut.

Kosi, the CD: 'One More Cup of Coffee'
The 'show stopper' on the CD, which I like to identify in all the reviews I do, to me is, 'The Last Shot'. The lyrics and the story are so wonderfully universal, BUT, the melody is like a 'postit' to ones brain. You hear it and you say, yea, I've been there...and the melody, just keeps reminding you of the times you needed that 'One Last Shot'.

Her genre?... don't know, don't matter. Call it creative, taking jazz, blues, and to me I hear a bit of Gospel, and a lot of the world of a woman....but you know what, you listen, she will impress you!

>>I asked Kosi, the two dumb questions I ask everyone~~~
1. If you were leaving the planet and could only take one album with you, which would you take??

 ~~ "Gregory Porter's,  Liquid Spirit has been playing on loop pretty much incessantly since I got it. No Love Dying, the first track, always manages to pull me out of whatever funk I'm dwelling in (and trust, it's been a funky few weeks). If that doesn't do it, by the second track, Liquid Spirit, I'm up and dancing, and just like that I have a reason to live again."

2. If you could work with anyone, who would you choose??

~~ " Jeez do I have to choose only one person to work with?? It happens incredibly often that I hear somebody play or sing something and think "I'd love to work with that guy/chick." I guess I can choose, though... I'd love to work with Gregory Porter (Gregory, are you reading this??). Also, Mem Nahadr. She has the most incredible range and power I've ever heard. Like, ever. Come to think of it, I'd be a little scared to sing with her, haha! That wouldn't stop me, though, if I had the opportunity. And one more... Lord Lorax. He has a unique way of putting a song together. Also he has this awesome sound that's simultaneously modern and ancient. I've been told the same about myself, so that collab would be perfect."
listen::to Kosi HERE!

So, now you know all about Kosi. So, now you can go to her FB page and like her, HERE!

....then you can go HERE and get a copy of 'One More Cup of Coffee'...

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The Lost Star, 'Red Is Not A Safe Color', A Seductive New CD.

She teased me for an evening in Chicago, BUT, she fled back to Paris!
Shame on me.........can't blame her, Chicago~~Paris, no contest!

'The Lost Star' AKA Contessina Medici has now captured me completely, or perhaps I have captured her?

The Lost Star
...she has released through music, her incredibly seductive nature and love of all art forms.
...and I have it!!

It's called 'Red Is Not A Safe Color'. It's very difficult for me to describe in words, it's the feeling and emotion it emits, that makes it's mark on you.


Her opening attack comes with 'Zorina'. 
"She carries a loaded gun...shooting light into illusions"   "Making love into the night, She melts into a sigh....take me once more, this is how I die"
To a passionate beat of bass and drums..........a very erotic potion.


Then:: once she has you 'under', you get a lesson on how to::
'Diamond Lil' a 'gold digger' enters... to an 19th Century America 'Wild West' melodic line, with flowered petticoats adorned.
"Her name was Lilly, Now it's Diamond Lil...Her visions twenty, twenty...She always sparkles plenty....Her hand on the trigger, they call her ...gold digger"

 This ever so sexy, but at all times classy CD, is a joy to have. It's soooo different from the norm.
The theme is so universal, yet Contessina makes it not only entertaining musically,
but the lyrics are matched to a 'T'.
and.....it's an insider, giving us a lesson in being a woman!

**I'm sorry, can you excuse me for a moment, I need a respite. I'll be back shortly to try to review one more enchanting tune. (sigh)*

'Out of Time'...is a seduction. The drums, the rhythm, just move one to an erotic state of mind.
...and once more the words lead you on to follow this Lost Star.
"Trace with my fingers...Wishes with my mind...Something wild is stirring, In this heart of mine...."

"Pearls are a girls best friend"
Eleven sessions of love are included, all aimed at YOU.. Enjoyable!!

I will feature the CD on my blogtalkradio show, this Sunday, at 11AM, ET in America.
...you can listen live or 'on demand':: here is the link to radio show:

Get the CD on this site::Lost Star  ~or of course ITunes.

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StreetcredMusic, Three Years, Part II, Some videos.

StreetcredMusic~~For my three year celebration, here are some video clips:: Enjoy>

an intro video from:: Clara Lofaro 

Me and Clara Lofaro, taken April 2011

 Gio Moretti, from April 2011...for StreetcredMusic, my Doc film::

                        Enjoy Video

Yula Beeri & Assi Spector, the original...'Kiss Slash Crooked Smile'

Enjoy Video...'HERE" 

Assi, Me, Yula, April 2011

Here's a quick clip from The Diva, Greta Panettieri, when she returned to NYC, after two years to do a gig with her beloved 'Brazilian Night' band.

Enjoy: 'Video'

at Zinc Bar, Sept. 2012 with Cidinho Teixeira

Champian Fulton  Came to Chicago this summer...

Video:: HERE

Champian Fulton

After three years:: Thanks to you all!... many more videos coming this year!!

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Clara Lofaro's 'Born To Love You' Remix.

Little did I know that when 'Pop' star Clara Lofaro ~
...let my blog and Youtube page shoot a video of her doing a live performance of her tune, 'Born To Love You' in April, that it would have become a 'chart busting' dance tune.

The original version done as 'pop' with the amazing video, would have been enough to satisfy most any other indie artist. Not the hardest working woman in Indie Music.

Clara getting ready for 'Born To Love You' video shoot
Just as the B2LU video was taking off, Clara decided to dance with it! And as is the case with all of her writings, it held up in another genre. Born to:: Remix me!

I am familiar with Clara's songbook, it's a treasure of tunes and melodic lines, just waiting to be unearthed.  Her previous two CD's, 'Clara Lofaro' and 'Perfekt World' are brilliant. They are deep, and sometime autobiographical, wisely mixed with message tunes and some prose style, universal lyrics.

So it comes as no surprise to me and her fan base, that B2LU, passed a long time friend of mine Donna Summer, on the Billboard Dance Charts last month!
It was 'song of the day' this week on NoteableDance Magazine  web page!

Clara::I would like to mention my amazing team at~ Intrepid Music Group~ Pitch Control Marketing~ Duffy Macri and Joe Berinato.

Clara just returned from a tour of  her native Canada, (Toronto). She is back in New York City, to continue writing and performing to the delight of all of us NYers.
So, the word is out, New York City, get out to see, this wonderful performer, Clara Lofaro!! 

Enjoy::'Born To Love You'

PS...American Idol Finalist  Erika Van Pelt just released an album 'My Independence' that features three of Clara's tunes.
.....and this video of Clara's 'Hurricane'

follow, and 'like' Clara:: HERE

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StreetcredMusic, Pete Carma..Three Years In. Part One

Three years ago this week, I sat where I am now, In my living room, in a little town near Chicago.
I put this blog together and have been doing it all alone since. Here's a pictorial history of what followed.

This is the first photo I posted, Greta Panettieri and me, the night we met. Shortly after, I started the blog, to help artists like her and 'Greta's Bakery'. Funny, today three years later she has the #1 and #2 'Most Popular Posts' on the blog for this week, with her new album 'Under Control'. That's my business card in her hand.

 Greta Panettieri
Then along came some others as I frequented the venues of New York City::

Emily Wolf
 Nadia Ackerman
Thousands of connections have been formed, by me and this blog. That's what I am most proud of.
Along with the fact that I have earned the trust of soooo many Indie Artists, in NYC, and now world wide.

I said this was a HISTORY, so enjoy......

 Erin Pellnat

Amy Regan
Yula Beeri, Theresa Chambers~The Hive
Gio Moretti
Kat Calvosa
Clara Lofaro and Kalen @ Pianos
Eleanora Bianchini
Jazz Man, Joe Alterman
Clara, and the amazing Sarah Zar

Donna Jean Fogel, Bekka Lindstrom, they hold a special place!

And the Ultra Amazing, Jennie Booth

 I just realized, I opened a can of worms here. There are soooo many artists I want to show, and thank, OK, I'll call this part one!

And thanks to all the artists who have trusted me, and cooperated with this blog...AND to you, the readers!!!!

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Greta's Bakery, Greta Panettieri, New Album>>'Under Control'

The Diva, Greta Panettieri has done it again!

Greta Panettieri, 'Greta's Bakery'
 Greta, along with, arranger, producer, pianist, Andrea Sammartino has put together ten wonderful tunes for the album 'Under Control'.

The work features a duet with Greta and Curtis King Jr a long time friend of Greta's, who sings with
Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, on the first cut of the album, 'Lover'. A great tune that speaks of lovers who express "long time, no see"...to a beautiful melody that lingers with you.

Another contributor to the work is Los Angeles producer, and musician, Larry Willians. Williams aided in the production and has an amazing sax solo on 'My Angel', a tune that mixes him with Greta in a jazz, soul tune made from love!

  Larry Williams
Greta included one cover tune: Michael Jackson's...'I Just Can Stop Loving You'.
Greta doesn't imitate the tune, she inhabits it. What a wonderful showcase this arrangement is for her!
Her velvet smooth tone, with the phrasing that sets Greta apart from most singers, and this marvelous interpretation, has that melody stuck in my head, great number! 
here is a video of:: 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You'

Greta personalizes every tune she sings, she is loved by a pop audience as well as her huge jazz following. This album will please them both. A wonderful potpourri of original tunes available November 7th, 2013.

Greta at Umbria, Jazz Fest

Eleven tunes in all, I have no favorite, yet. The work is truly a labor of love, here is what Great had to say about the making of 'Under Control'  Greta's words!

...also contributing in the writing was NYer, artists, Jennie Booth

The album will be available November 7th, 2013...on all on/line venues and on this web site::
Greta's site! 
Greta has a unique idea for a hard copy CD to distribute too, stay tuned!!

And of course the Diva will be back in NYC for some live shows in January!!
Follow and 'like' Greta on FB: HERE!

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Life Is Too Good...by Pete Carma

It really is...I'm surrounded by some of the most loving caring people...Who want to spread love, and add their two cents to this crazy state of Planet Earth...

New York City, a FUN place 4me.
 ...and I'm out of the rat race, the corporate meat grinder, I do what I want. Not many people who are not wealthy can say that. I'm lucky.

Where ever I go.........funny loving shit happens.....like........

I get lost in Brooklyn, and an Angel finds me!

OR......I sit on a stoop, at St. Marks Place, NYC, 'freezing'...but my heart is warmed by Clara Lofaro, shooting a scene from StreetcredMusic, and hearing her amazing story.

  'StreetcredMusic' Doc Film

 ***In the end, it's not how many breaths you take, it's how many things take your breath away***

OR.....these guys show up when I'm in the Hospital....

........and I get to see KissSlashCrookedSmile  rehearsing, on a Saturday afternoon.,,


Enjoy....KSCS Video

***I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he or she is a garbage collector or the President of a University***

 I get the chance to put together artists with amazing talent, and personalities, that are normally too busy to get to know each other....(Erin Pellnat, Clara Lofaro)

Or like, 'larger than life' Tony Papa, and 'all about life' Yula Beeri.

****I found that if you love life, life will love you back*****

New York City IS the blood, the oxygen, essential to life::

                      :::so glad I was born and raised there...

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