StreetcredMusic: Lara Bello, Tribute To Federico Garcia Lorca, NYC

It was my pleasure to attend this wonderful performance by Lara Bello Saint John's Lutheran Church, NYC
   ....the poetry and letters of  Federico Garcia Lorca

Lara Bello
  ..the tribute was presented with all the dignity and elegance and musical perfection it deserved.
........Lara and guitarist, Eric Kurimski, frankly overwhelmed me.

Lara designed her gown to be a part of this tribute.
as seen in these photos
In addition to her voice, performance art, and creativity, it was quite clear that this hero of her homeland, holds a special place in her heart...Amazing show. the finish of the performance Lara distributed (in small envelopes) to her audience, messages from Federico, I will not open mine, until.....

....every time I see her, she amazes me.

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StreetcredMusic; Sixth Anniversary... Kiss Slash Crooked Smile.

During the six years of this blog, I have seen many artists grow, and some fail.
...I especially enjoy watching the many faceted artists evolve with more than one identity....For instance: Yula Beeri 
 with Kiss Slash Crooked Smile
  KSCS  :with Asi Spector & Stefano Baldasseroni
 ....they started like this: video: KSCS, 2012

...then they 'amped' and up and after ...
the greatest *CD release party ever....they were out...

..........Video; KSCS, "This Is How........"

With Stefano & Yula
 Their album 'Ethereal Dance'  ..AVAILABLE HERE

 ..........* *CD release party footage

....Just some of the great shows and enjoyment over the six years.
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StreetcredMusic: September Songs, 'Swing' Into Fall.

'Swing' era that has never died in my music world. I love any form of it, especially the 'Sassy' ladies. is one of the most popular around now, she is not limited to swing,  check out her web site.....

Champian Fulton
 VIDEO~~Here is her live version of ::'Day In Day Out' in France

Next up we go over the top with a great performer, Gunhild Carling
VIDEO~~ her full band live, with ::: 'Back In The Jungel'

Then of course Sassy herself.
Sarah Vaughn

VIDEO~~ The Sassy live version of 'September In The Rain'

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