He Said~She Said...Mandy Patinkin, Nikki Yanofsky

Music: The word derives from Greek μουσική (mousike; "art of the Muses")
 ... By all accounts there is no single and intercultural universal concept defining what music might be."

He Said....'Over The Rainbow'
                                                                Listen to......Mandy Patinkin

 She Said....'Over The Rainbow'
                                          Listen to......Nikki Yanofsky


'Over The Rainbow' 
  ...(often referred to as "Somewhere Over the Rainbow") is a classic Academy Award-winning ballad song with music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. It was written for the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz, and was sung by actress Judy Garland in her starring role as Dorothy Gale. 

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He Said~She Said...Chet Baker, Jenny Marsala~Novaspace.

 Music: you can tear it, bend it, step on it, throw it around, throw it off a bridge, make it flat, twist it, hop it, bop it, rock it ...but you can not stop it...

He Said..........'Time After Time'
                                                    listen to him..   Chet Baker

She Said.........'Time After Time'
                                                  listen to her...  Jenny Marsala, Novaspace


'Time After Time' written by Sammy Cahn & Jule Styne, 1947.
..... It was introduced by Frank Sinatra (and subsequently by Kathryn Grayson) in the film It Happened in Brooklyn.

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2012 Music that 'StreetcredMusic' caught on film!! are some of the wonderful Indie Artists we filmed in 2012...Happy New Year...GET OUT>>
Support Indie Artists, in New York City..

This was the first weekend we filmed at a venue that has always welcomed us...Caffe Vivaldi, NYC 

Enjoy, Clara Lofaro  Yulix  and Gio Moretti.

 We had fun in 2012....

We made some friends...

And, best of all, we spread some LOVE!..

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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'StreetcredMusic' Raw footage from my Documentary Film 2012!

Happy New Year to my readers all over the globe!  We had a great year, passing the 600,000 hit mark in 2012!

2013, will be better, I know that, 'cause I have sooo many things to present to you, completion of the Doc film, music videos, some great new artists I want to introduce you to, and some spontaneous events that always seem to follow us in NYC. is some great music we put on film in 2012 ~ENJOY!

This is the Romantic/Punk sound of the opening number from 'Yula &the eXtended Family'
at the Bowery Ballroom!

 Then there's Gio...
                                                           Gio Moretti

and of course, 'Her Hotness', CLo!

                                                           Clara Lofaro

                                                       Enjoy, more coming soon!!

here's the FB page for the movie!!
'StreetcredMusic' the film!

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Gege' Telesforo the CD 'Nu Joy'...more of our conversation.

As the Umbria Jazz Fest 2013  gets under way today, here is a bit more of my recent chat with Gege Telesforo and his great new CD, 'Nu Joy'.

Gege Telesforo
When you hear 'Nu Joy' you will understand what Mr. Telesforo's music is all about. Yes, by all standards he is in the JAZZ genre. However unlike his contemporaries he injects at times a lighter touch, and a chunk of soul in the mix. He gives me what I look for, diversity, and he is not trying to change the world of music, he embraces it and entertains you.

~~~have a listen: 'man & machine'

I asked Gege' the two question I ask everyone, to help you to get to know more about him, as I do with all the artists I write about. I want you to get to know them, their great music will speak for itself.
Q: If you were leaving the planet and you could only take one album with you, which would you take?
 ..." No doubt about it: 'ELLA & LOUIS' with Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and the Oscar Peterson 4tet; produced by Norman Granz" (VERVE 1957)

Q: If you could perform with anyone, who would it be?
  "I'd like the idea to putting together Herbie Hancock and D'Angelo!"

Gege' and the 'Nu Joy' Band are the host band at the 2013 Umbria Jazz Festival, starting December 28th...they will perform two sets a day, and will JAMMM with others....and don't forget, Gege' has the amazing... my Angel /Diva....Greta Panettieri  with him on vocals and back/up!!!

          Remember you heard it here first, from me...Gege' & Greta the best scat team ever!!

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'Nu Joy' New CD from, Gege Telesforo, featuring Greta Panettieri

JAZZZZ, is what you get from 'Nu Joy'. Gege Telesforo, a jazz legend has released his latest!

Gege' Telesforo's a mixture of Gege's usual 'instrumental' versatility...of his remarkable voice and range, with great arrangements, and some very talented musicians. This blog is honored to have Mr. Telesforo as a new friend!

The CD is exactly what I look for in a JAZZ work. It has great new charts, a diversity of rhythms, sends a bit of a message, and the sound of all involved, having a great time putting it together.
I had a chance to ask Mr. Telesforo a few questions about the CD last week, here are his words>>>
 Dear Pete...few words about Nu Joy and Greta:

"The original concept was to produce a studio recording session with Vocals and a Jazz Trio, drums, piano and upright bass.
I spent the last two years writing new songs, looking for the best new Italian talents, musicians and singers with my same passions for jazz and contemporary R&B grooves.
In the meantime, a year ago, our friend Greta came with Andrea Sammartino to my country house/studio where I was jammin' with my dear friend Ben Sidran.
Gege' & Greta
We had a quiet afternoon of good talk, great music and wine!
I played on my piano some of my new ideas and in 10 minutes Greta wrote the lyrics for a song called A New Joy, dedicated to my friend Daniela D'Ercole, a young Italian singer dead in New York from a traffic accident.
In a while I was very impressed by Greta's sensibility, her natural, spontaneous and original way to spread her musical skills through her elegant singing.
We started this new collaboration, and now I'm happy to have Greta as smart lyrics' writer,  lead and background singer of this new project produced for Columbia Records/SONY Music."

The message I spoke of on the CD is the song written and song beautifully by Greta, the title tune....'A New Joy'.
There are eleven wonderful cuts on 'Nu Joy'...
'Diamonds' is one of the diverse rhythms I spoke of. An 'on the upbeat' Latin rhythm, full of life, and the sax solos, follow the versatility of Gege's unmistakable sounds, to send me back to my roots of quality Latin Jazz!!

'No Woman, No Cry' is a great tune!  Gege' takes it down to an ole school R&B tempo, with all the soul and funk he has, to deliver, this tune. Love this one!

There is a remarkable pace to this CD....the choice of tunes just seems to flow from one to another,
I love will be hearing lots more about, Mr. Telesforo, and Greta Panettieri here in a few days as I have more of the conversation with them to pass on to you.

....I would just like to close with a statement that will get me in trouble with most of my readers but, let's have at it....I have been listening to jazz since the late 1950's, I have heard and seen live, EVERYONE, and I tell you now the best male/female scat duo is Gege' & Greta!

My thanks to Mr. Telesforo for his time and stay tuned, for more from him!!
...and you know Greta is always 'Available For Weddings'....

  Get, 'Nu Joy'

other works by Greta Panettieri


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Raffaella Daino & Pivirama

I don't remember who put me onto this unique band from Rome, Italy? I'm sure it was someone in my 'Italian Connection.'
But once I heard them, I knew they were musicians I wanted to follow.

Raffaella Daino, Pivirama
Lead singer and writer Raffaella Daino is the force behind them. Her sound is at times, solid rock with a message or she can take it down to a feminine sound and delight with a softer touch.
They are creative, and seem to stretch out in an attempt to keep themselves unique.
I love the settings of their videos too, the backdrops enhance their creativity.

Have a look; Pivirama, Videos's a bit about Raffaella from a recent chat we had...

Q: Do you aspire to bring your music and perhaps play in the USA?

 "After making one of my dreams come true, that is embarking on my first tour outside Italy, in the UK last May, I'd love more than everything else to play my songs in the USA, which is the country I've been most influenced by, along with the British Land of Rock and artist such as PJ Harvey, & Pink Floyd. I grew up and became a guitarist, before being a singer and a songwriter, listening to the Seattle and New York music scene, from grunge to post rock, falling in love with bands and artists such as Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Patty Smith, Lou Reed, The Doors, Pixies, and recently Blonde Red Head."

Q: If you were leaving the planet, and could only take one CD with you, which would you take?

  If I could choose a DVD, I'll take with me Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii, or Dark Side of the Moon as for a CD.

Q: If you could perform with anyone, who would it be?

 " As for performing on stage with my favorite artist.... Well I'd have many .... Maybe PJ Harvey, who has been my first muse of inspiration and that I love and admire a lot, for her amazing skill of staying on stage, even on her own, alone with her guitar, even in front of dozens or thousands of people."

Sooooo, there you have an introduction to this dedicated and intense band of young artists.
I'm hoping to hook up with them in Rome soon, and you will be hearing more about them here~~

Youtube page for: Pivirama                 Website: Pivirama

Their latest album: 'In My Mind'

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Film Making 101, make music, make friends, have fun!!

2012 has been a wonderful year for me. Making 'StreetcredMusic' the documentary film has made the weeks fly by. The outpouring support people have given to me and this film in overwhelming.

I really mean that. Trust, the effort and the friendship of all involved makes it truly a labor of love.

Here's a clip, it's just a few minutes but you can see the friendship and love...and Oh yea, the talent of the ladies, well...that too overwhelms me, I love them!!

...that was Yula Beeri, Ishrat Ansari, owner of Caffe Vivaldi, and Clara Lofaro, back on the first weekend we shot in April!

Here's more from that day!!  Gio Moretti 

Here's a clip featuring Stefan Zeniuk! ..and Yulix!


Here's the FB page: 'StreetcredMusic, the film'

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Questions and Answers for the blog??

...I have two $15 ITunes gift cards to give away, Happy Holidays.

I'm taking both questions today so the gift cards will get out before Xmas.
RichM & EricaG are the winners!

Rich asked, "you say you see new artists every time you go to NYC, who did you see last time?"

Erica asked, a question that will put me on the spot, but my policy is to answer truthfully.
"If President Obama called and ask you to send ONE performer, who would you send?"

Erin Pellnat, 'Jean Fight' is her band. last time in NYC, my time was pretty much taken up , but I did get to see Erin Pellnat & Jean Fight...
A wonderful band of young Indie Artist, with Erin up front, check them out!
Here's a video of 'Erin unplugged'
'Jean Fight'  FB page

.A:..As for the White House...with all do respect to all the amazing artists I know...I send Yula Beeri!
...Because in my life, I have seen every performer, 60+ years and with the exception of maybe Sinatra, I have not seen anyone who is as comfortable on stage as Yula. She invites the audience inside of her when she performs. Music, love, friendship, pleasure, fun are always part of her performance....I guess a real writer would say 'intimacy' she would make all the 'stiff's' in that DC audience loosen up!

Yula & the eXtended family!

~~~Thanks to Rich and Erica for taking the are in the mail!!

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The Hive, NYC...founder Yula Beeri.

....take a minute to read about the ultimate, non profit community for Independent Artists.
....'The Hive'

and it's founder, creator....who works tirelessly to keep it alive!

Yula Beeri
History of the Hive;

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Svetlana Shmulyian, A Special Holiday EP Release

 ...Svetlana Shmulyian a superb jazz singer who makes her home now in New York City (from Moscow) has a wonderful way of keeping the music alive, while adding some original tunes to her repertoire. She can take you back to the 'speakeasy' days or hit you with something contemporary. 

Well, 'Svetlana and the Delancey Five' have a new EP released today for the Holidays.
I have been sent a preview and the tunes are, well, they are wonderful. The charts for all are perfect.

Svetlana Shmulyian

One of my favorite things to write about are musicians, singers who 'keep the music alive' when it comes to jazz. My philosophy about jazz is, don't change the world and loose me in your imagination, entertain me...and Svetlana's charming approach to the jazz classics makes me want more! 

The three tunes on the EP are, 'Let It Snow' 'Baby It's Cold Outside' and 'It Don't Mean a Thing'
 all have great charts and are wonderfully done!

...after knowing Svetlana for a short time, I took note of two things that spell success, one ~she has a voice made for jazz, great range and a sultry feminine sound AND she has the passion for her craft.

"The idea for the EP came to me as a result of requests from our fan base at the band's weekly performance, Monday nights at The Back Room.....and as a natural evolution of a band that gets tighter with every performance!!"


You can buy the physical CD, in a very special Holiday packaging OR, download each track here:
also available on ITunes.

Svetlana and the Delancey Five, will be playing on the "Vintage Peacock Party" on the Vintage NYC Subway Train, December, 16th at 2:30 PM, on the 'F' train platform Second Ave stop...and then riding the Vintage Train to other locations.

The awesome 'Delancey Five'~~~Adrian Cunningham (reeds, vocals)  Jim Fryer (trombone)
Dalton Ridenhour (piano)  Ted Gottsegen (guitar)  Steve Little (drums) and  
Brandi Disterheft (bass)
...I know that's six, ask Svetlana, haha.

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First International Contact on the Angel ~Diva, 'Hot Line'

A historic first contact on the Angel~Diva hot line:
Thanks to the dozens of programmers, annalists and technicians, that are on my personal staff, we have finally perfected the line of communication between me and all the Angel~Divas. This is a wireless connect, that is sent by osmosis, Angel to human, a great break through!!

I want to now post this for all the Internet Historians (Geeks) out there to save for the ages.
The very first international contact with Greta Panettieri from Italy.

I post it, and the photo as I received it...
Gege Telesforo (L) & Greta

"Hey Pete, this is for the blog:
I just got home after an afternoon in SAXA RUBRA ROME which is the main base of Italian Public Radio and TV.
We recorded a live show with Gege' Telesforo and the NUJOY Band, for 'Invito personale' which is the number 1 program  on the number 1 radio station...can I say it was awesome...??!!!
 It will be on the air by Dec 23rd and will let you all know about it 'cause we played some cool tracks...
...then we will be the resident band at Umbria Jazz Winter from Dec 28 to Jan 1st everyday 2 shows a day,  and I'm telling you, it's gonna be so much fun this year... there will be lots of amazing bands and singers at the festival and we're planning on jamming with most of them :  (Kurt Elling)....
than we will play the Blue Note in Milan, than Istanbul and a tour through the main theaters  in Italy...than the Italian summer festivals, than CHINA, JAPAN, KOREA..............???!!!
...meanwhile Andrea and I are finishing up the Bakery's second album and..... WE will Finish 'StreetcredMusic' the doc film!

I'll go get some vitamins tomorrow...
all for now more soon....

if I had an IPhone I could document it all but since I don't you just have to trust me...ahahhahahah
...........there you have it, unedited, from my first love, and again she is FIRST....with the Angel~Diva hotline!

 Here's a link to the great nu album...'NU JOY'....

Thanks, Gretatze!!  xoxoxoxo      awaiting your next message AND....maybe Santa has an extra IPhone.....have you been a good girl??!!