'Your Hands' A New Single From Gabrielle Sterbenz

Gabrielle Sterbenz has released a great new single, 'Your Hands', the first of ten from her new album.

Gabrielle Sterbenz

>>Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Gabrielle Sterbenz did her first international tour as support for Wheatus in the fall of 2013.  She has performed in 7 countries on 4 continents as a solo artist and as a backing vocalist for Wheatus and Robbie Dupree, with whom she appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. She is featured on Wheatus' Valentine LP, nerdcore hiphop artist MC Frontalot’s "Solved," and on Late Cambrian's "Peach."  Gabrielle plays regularly with her bandmate Liz Brown and is currently recording her LP with Wheatus' Brendan B Brown producing. 
...Thanks so much for being willing to write about my song!  "Your Hands" is the first of what will be a 10-song record.  It's being produced by Wheatus's Brendan B Brown.  All of the compositions are mine except for
one co-write with my bandmate Elizabeth Brown.  I'll be releasing all the tracks individually and then putting a CD and vinyl out.  "Your Hands" was the first song I wrote on a Martin acoustic guitar I had just gotten.  The track has Elizabeth Brown on backing vocals, Rich Hinman on pedal steel, fellow Wheatus bandmate Will Tully on drums, and Brendan played many of the instruments as well.  The lyric video is just something I put together but it features most of the important dogs in my life, as well as a solar-powered dancing ladybug.  Many of the other songs that will be on the record are on youtube in my "blue couch sessions" series, where basically Liz and I play the songs on the couch in our living room.

The song I'm releasing next is called "In The Red".

Enjoy the video:: 'Your Hands'

 Gabrielle's Youtube page::'HERE'        Follow her on Facebook:: 'HERE'

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'Ever Morphing'...Yula Beeri, The HiveNYC.

...the second most asked question of me, when I'm in New York City.."who is this Yula chick?"

Yula Beeri
 ...not an easy one to answer.

ME: Oh, you mean the 'ever morphing' woman who sings, dances, performs, writes, acts, creates, plays piano, bass guitar, drums and anything else she can get her hands on...and commits 24/7 as founder and President of an amazing community of dozens of other creators, in Brooklyn, called 'TheHiveNYC' ??
Yeah: what do you want to know?

Where is she from?
...She is from another Galaxy. She landed here a quarter of a century ago, landed on her feet and hit the ground running.

Video::Thumb Cinema

No really, where is she from?
...from a Bizzaro Planet, one where people just want to spread love and make everyone better.

Video: 'Keep me Satisfied'

 ...Last trip to NYC at least five people expressed to me, what I feel about her...
"I am soooo lucky I met her". ..and I know exactly what they mean.

2012...with Yula&the eXtended Family.
Video::'Red Lipstick' 

Somewhere in between all this she managed to do a Rock Opera.....where she battled who else:
the BliFFS.

Yulix, Rock Opera

So, what's she up to these days?
...Well she took this.......'Kiss Slash Crooked Smile'
VIDEO: KSCS Acoustic

.....and she morphed it into this::::
KSCS: 'amped up'~~
VIDEO:: 'I Was Born'

BTW~~'Kiss Slash Crooked Smile' has just released their new CD....'Ethereal Dance' that's about 10% of who Yula is, for the other 90%, you'll have to corner me in NYC, buy me a drink and I'll fill you in, on this amazing woman.

This is my favorite video of her (not really, but I love it)..
VIDEO::B2LU with Diva

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StreetcredMusic, New Artist, Ashley Sofia~~'Love And Fury'

...please meet and support a very talented young artists:: Ashley Sofia
...her new video is Gold.

Ashley Sofia
Recently named “the future of Folk Rock,” young artist, Ashley Sofia is making waves. Born and raised in the heart of the Adirondacks, Ashley grew up playing music and writing music.

She has shared her new video with me and I want you all to enjoy it.

 "This is my original song, and track #8 on my debut album, Love and Fury (which was just recently released on iTunes and AmazonMP3.) It’s a song about love and gratitude, and it’s the only song on the album that I cry on stage almost every time I sing it. I hope y’all have someone Gold in your life.

I flew to Kansas in November of 2013 to film this music video with Rockhaven Films. As I watched them build sets, talk about lighting, lenses, and direction, I knew I was working with the perfect team. They’re extraordinarily talented filmmakers and it was an honor to work with them. You’ll see more from us in the future".

Enjoy, 'Gold'..VIDEO

'like' Ashley's FB page HERE!

Music, lyrics, and performance by Ashley Sofia
Song recorded, mixed and mastered by David Veslocki​
Directed, shot, and edited by Iain Trimble, Josh Doke, and Ed Schroer of~ Rockhaven Films.​
....So nice to have another great young inspired artist on my blog!!

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Kiss Slash Crooked Smile, CD Release Show, The Hive, New York City.

April 10th, 2014: 'Ethereal Dance' was the CD released by KISS SLASH CROOKED SMILE.

The Event: I plead guilty, in years past, of being one of 'those' people who when hearing the term, a community of artists...thought of something fossilized by tradition. 

I thought, so, a group of outcasts, banned together, to 'drop out' as we said in the 60' protest, to screech at the public, point their fingers and rebel against the establishment, under the guise of performance.

Then I was introduced to 'The Hive NYC'

The Hive, is where the CD release took place and it is the home of KSCS, and founded by it's lead singer Yula Beeri.

Her mission with The Hive and her music is to spread LOVE!
....the release party: was a true love affair.

Food, spirits, bubbles, electric Jellyfish, Jello shots, dancing girls who hung from the ceiling, and a one hour set by KSCS, made a normal CD release by an independent artist seem pale.

A Red/Black dress code was the order of the day::
 Guest Erin Pellnat  & Yula Beeri, KSCS

Yula, Chen Prat (center) of Yula &XFM, and guests.

 The community of the Hive, is ever morphing to help anyone who becomes part of it.
Love is the nucleus, creativity, and mutual respect is the driving force. 

....OH, the music....The CD......I've had my copy, three days, haven't listened to anything else!!
....of course if you read my blog, EVER, you already knew that. It's great!!
Thirteen of Yula's original tunes. Including, 'My Cane'..'This Is How I Learned To Lie To People I Love'..'On And On'..'Take Over The World'....and nine others, perfectly mixed for your listening pleasure.

....and the live show, this wonderful shot taken by Erin Pellnat says it all~~~

 The Hive is the kind of community we need more of, no drama, no negativity, just LOVE BABY!

KSCS:: lead Yula Beeri...
Guitar, recorded and mixed, by Assaf Spector, of Blue Jay Way Studios.

Assi Spector 
Assi: Production Studio

KSCS::Percussion, Stefano Baldesseroni.

Stefano Baldasseroni

 Get the CD::::'HERE"

The CD was mastered by::Pete Maher
Art by:: Pepi Marzel

I will have some great HD video of the show~~~~~~Stay Tuned!

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