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StreetcredMusic: Two Forthcoming Divas. North and South America. Ivete Sangalo, Mariah Carey.

Please enjoy two Divas who have inspired millions of other songstresses all over the world.

The have become household names in an industry that is full of rejection.

Their talents have no match, their voices and stage presents are second to none. 

Mariah Carey & Ivete Sangalo

 Here is Ivete at MSG: The largest crowd ever for a non English speaking performer:
 Video:: Ivete Sangalo "Easy"


"Easy Like Sunday Morning" 1977, The Commodores, Motown.
    Written by Lionel Richie

Video, Here is Mariah with: "I'll Be There"

"I'll Be There" 1970, The Jackson 5, Motown.
   Written by: Berry Gordy, Bob West, 
      Willie Hutch & Hal Davis.

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 If my film makes one person feel they are not alone in their struggle to be seen in this world, it will have done all it needed to do.

Enjoy the film....
      StreetcredMusic, HERE

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StreetcredMusic: Cat Women Videos

In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods: 
They have not forgotten this.

Cat woman video HERE 

Tracy Thorne

Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement, and love without penalties.”

 Cat woman video HERE

Le Meow Gin Bourgeois

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StreetcredMusic: Why I Left New York City Part Vl

  So many of the creative and talented women friends I've gained through this blog, doing shows, making videos and a film, are now gone. Like in, they left NYC. In most cases priced out, by the cost of housing.

  I asked a few of them if they would like to write about it here.
Some do, and I will be posting their words. Some will post their name, others want to do it anonymously, here's the latest in the series...

 Emily, is a friend of Streetcred for six years, 
...She came to NYC from Idaho in 2012

"Boy have I wanted to do this, how long, 4 years or so.

I want to focus on one area, being a performing musician in New York City.

It sucks. Unless you want to teach, work a day job, a service job, or as I did,

drive for Lyft. Any of the above kill your creative time and desire.

I'm greedy and wanted to earn some money performing, and step up to the next level.
Level: Living off my music alone.
I did, once I acquired a 'reliable' agent. Which required money from my pocket, which required more money coming in. So it was a war of attrition. Yes there were lots of jobs working for others, for a starvation fee.

So an all out war ensued. I lost, well, I retreated.
The enemy had too many weapons. Weather, transportation, parking, taxes,
competition, time, and corporate venues overwhelmed my emotional forces.

And, yes, I retreated. To of all places New Mexico. I was fighting a war on too many fronts.
Now, I was able to make a CD (coming at U soon)
I work for a music company, can pay my bills and still have lots of time to create for myself.

I don't miss NYC, I miss you, and a handful of others. I kept my AirTrain pass on my farewell flight from JFK.
I sleep with my windows and door open all year. I have a residency at two clubs, and write on my own scheduled.

The glitter if you will, of NYC, to me is just a reflection bouncing off the big companies and distribution moguls.
Rejection is their way of keeping control."

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