Film Clips, Yula Beeri, fighting for Independence, on four fronts! we move on with my film, 'StreetcredMusic', Yula (Yulix) Beeri, will show you how to fight a battle on four fronts...

The arsenal Yula has at her command is unmatched by most 'Indie' Artists.
The legions of talented people she surrounds herself with,'s what I mean...
these clips give you a pretty good idea...

...this footage is from a show at the Bowery Ballroon, where Yulix, combined the wonderful sounds of her a -capella group Hydra .....(Rima Fand & Sarah Small)

....with her Romantic/Punk sounding... "Yula & the eXtended Family"

Front number three for this amazingly talented lady is....'Kiss Slash Crooked Smile/YULIX

 Urban Dictionary:
 YULIX: is a caring and loving person who knows how to make people smile and happy. They enjoy themselves even through rough times and think positive. A girl who is not afraid to tell you the truth and will go the extra mile to help a friend. Has an awesome laugh and is a very funny person. If you know a Yulix then she is unique and you should make that friendship last as long as it can. they are as we filmed them at Caffe Vivaldi....on guitar and back up vocals is Assaf Spector.

Front number four is a project that Yula has give her maximum energy to since I know her.
It's a project that I love too, it's, The Hive NYC.

The Hive has this blog's total support, because it does 'all things good'.
It creates, develops, inspires, innovates, and embraces all forms of the arts!!

Give the Hive a Buzzzz, it's an inspiring group that is flourishing, in the 'Garden Spot of America'
Brooklyn, NY!!

It too, like this blog is TOTALLY, non profit!

...that's Yula...she all in!!

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Surprise, Surprise! All time hit leaders for StreetcredMusic, the blog

WOW, what a change since the last time I looked at the All Time 'Hit' leaders on my blog!

...thanks to all the artists and the readers, for making this the success it is!

Most Hits...

 Album Reviews: #1 MaryC..."Right On Time"       6,037
                           #2 Emily Wolf  "Nevermine"         4,903
                           #3 Gio Moretti "Meeting Point"   3,977

Individual Features, (personal stories, not an album review)
            all hits on all stories of any kind, 'all time'. Including Top 10
            Sexy Pianists and Guitarists.

                           #1 Yula Beeri                  13,987
                           #2 Gio Moretti               13,777
                           #3 Nana Schwartzlose  10,998(from one post!!)
Most hits from a single post...(other than an album review)
                          #1 Nana Schwartzlose  10,998 
                          #2 Ivete Sangalo             8,344 
                          #3 Lara Fabian               7,231 
                          #4 Gio Moretti                 4,998 
                          #5 Clara Lofaro               4,222
                      With all do respect, I must mention the artists who have been with me from the start..
When I would only get 40-50 hits a day, they were the ones who created this 'monster' I now have.
Some of the newer artists have had the benefit of 2,000 to 3,000 readers a day so the numbers are much greater now..

Here are the 'Pioneers' of StreetcredMusic...
The one and only, 'Angel from Rome' who got me started... Greta Panettieri ...

Kalen ... Tammy Scheffer...  Emily Wolf ... Jazz Man Joe Alterman  ...Nadia Ackerman
 Amy Regan ... Eleanora Bianchini ... World Class Artist Jennie Booth ...
  Kristin Hoffmann  ... Nikki Yanofsky ... Jessica Marciel    and 

AND a woman who I have never done a story on, but one is coming. She has given me 'people'....
like, Yula Beeri, Tamar Meir, Naaran Barzilay, Adam Halfi, Shayfer James, The Hive, The XFM...and she puts a smile on my face every time we are artist, creator, teacher...


Thanks everybody!

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The making of 'StreetcredMusic' ..Clara Lofaro & Bekka Lindstrom

Clara Lofaro preparing to write a song for the film 'StreetcredMusic' the tune is "Hurricane"
CLo will be performing the song live for the first time...  July 25th, at the Canal Room.

The making of 'StreetcredMusic' the doc film....

.....That really is Craig Wilson...songwriter/performer.
on the screen is award winning writer...David Browning, in Nashville.
....Watch Clara here and you'll see why I love her...

  she's ALWAYS laughing at me!!

This clip is one of my favorites!!!  Bekka, Gio, me, Donna Jean, Clara the voice you hear.
"The Mortuary"....we are leaving Bekka and DJ's apartment to go to see Yula at the Bowery Ballroom!

'LIKE' our facebook page...StreetcredMusic-facebook

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Artists in New York, Part IX, Sonia Montez

It's been a while but I want to bring back a very popular feature here on 'Streetcred', the artists in New York series.

Sonia Montez, is a wonderful young lady I have been trying to catch up with for a while. Finally Clara Lofaro, introduced me to her at a birthday party and I got to hear as Clara put it "her big ass voice".

  At age 6, in San Juan, Sonia studied voice and violin. Not cool, so she taught herself how to play her mom's guitar!


       As for New York and Brooklyn:
I moved to Brooklyn in '98, and spent most of my youth hopping through NYC's subcultures. I've lived here half of my life; this is a beautiful city that way, it has had the unique ability to allow me to expand my higher consciousness, free of judgement or constraint. It cradles that sort of thought process while at the same time letting me fall on my ass more times than I care to remember. It's also the place where I feel most comfortable taking all of my creative influences, no matter how absurd or silly, and experimenting with them, because, whether I ultimately consider myself successful or not it's a constant learning experience. Where else could I sing backup in a rock show, then play in an all female mariachi, then do one of my own shows, followed by singing salsa and Merengue in a Latin group, then do a corporate top 40 tunes band gig, then do a jingle spot for a company in Asia, and compose a score for a film. I'm simply never bored, musically speaking, and I love taking on challenges.

 I asked Sonia the two questions I ask everyone..
Q: If you were leaving the planet and you could only take one album with you which would it be?

      Oh, that's mean... I've always been partial to Pinkerton by Weezer, it's such a raw "fuck it all" album. It would probably be really cool to blast Getchoo while going through a wormhole, which I'm assuming is the way I would be traveling, possibly from alien invaders.

Q: If you could perform with anyone who would you choose?

   She's passed, but Mercedes Sosa, all the way. I've given this a lot of thought, actually. The power and pure emotion in her voice is so embedded in my brain, even though I never got see her live, just to stand next to her while she sang, I think, would've been amazing. I've never heard anyone sing songs about revolution and love and life the way she sang them. It's like she had the strength and sadness of all the indigenous people in the Americas within her larynx.

Sonia Montez

  I think I've played a bit of everywhere in NY, and not a lot of everywhere else. In the 90's I played The Bottom Line and The Baggot Inn (which both closed a while back), some other now closed hip venues, and, of course Sidewalk Cafe. Then, as a freelancer in my 20's I played Highline Ballroom, SouthPaw, The Blue Note, Union Pool, etc. I've also played Rockwood (of course) and The Living Room, Parkside Lounge, Trash Bar, Puppets Jazz Bar (which I think might have closed too). Last summer I played the acoustic stage at a music festival in Southampton with Chairlift, Best Coast, and Patti Smith (Escape 2 NY).

Sooooo....NYC, here is another Indie Artist, talented, creative, experienced, that you need to get out and support!

My thanks to Sonia for taking the time to share a bit of another New York Experience with us!!

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Joe Alterman, The CD is 'Give Me The Simple Life'

I knew when I met Joe Alterman about two years ago he would be one of the hottest jazz pianist in New York soon. His career was just taking off. However the take off was more of a blast off, he is now one of the best around.

His first CD, 'Give Me The Simple Life' will be released today!!

 Joe Alterman
This CD for me is perfection. The choice of tunes, the charts, and the musicians involved is a work of art in itself.

Joe is a musician who is deep in tradition, he lives jazz and always treats it with reverence, respect and presents the classics in his own way, but never loses the intent of the composers he admires.

The perpetrators of this perfection along with Joe are Houston Person, no explanation needed, one of the best, (tenor sax) the man who makes the bass talk, James Cammack, and as solid as you can get with drummer Herlin Riley.

This CD is a blend of what Joe does best, take the standards, treat them with love, and add his own personal touch.

This wonderful quartet seems to have one goal in mind, to give the listener a treat. A treat to the wonderful array of music that is in the Great American Songbook.

They do it with excellence, in that they take liberties with the classic melodies, but never loose you, they enhance it, and make you remember just how much music there is in jazz, and as musicians you do not have to change the world to be great.

me and Joe..

This CD is as good for jazz as any I have heard this year.

The classics on this work: Georgia On My Mind (Joe is from Atlanta)  Give Me The Simple Life,  The First Night Home,  Pure Imagination,  An Affair To Remember,  I Guess I'll Have To Dream The Rest, Kelly's Blues,  Why Try To Change Me Now,  Why Do I Love You, Biscuits,  They Say It's Spring, and I'm Yours.   each done to perfection!

get,   "Give me The Simple Life"  here!

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Top Ten Sexiest Guitarists, #1, Yula (Yulix) Beeri

Fate, by chance, meant to be...however it happened Historians put the date somewhere around the Fall of 2010, AD. I was suppose to be miles away from Allen Street, but a series of unpredictable events lead me there, where I met Yula Beeri, #1.

 here is Yula doing:  Promise

Yula is a being, a special being. Musician, composer, artist, actress, vocalist, leader, creator, and all of that does not tell her story.

She seems to me to exist on a level I wish I could explain. Spreading love, caring, encouraging others, always positive, and making all around her better.

Combine all that with her intellect and beauty, and you have one 'Super Lady'.

As far as her performances, they are bursting with wonderful music, and an affection from the stage...
but really, seeing Yula perform is an act of intimacy, between her and everyone in the audience. is Yula creating, bringing a unique imagery to her audience, along with her wonderful style and that energetic intimacy I spoke of....

Enjoy: Yula &XFM~'RedLipstick'

                                                    She has made me a better person....

                                                          #1, The 'Angelic'  Yula Beeri

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Top Ten Sexiest Guitarists, #2, Gio Moretti


                 ...every once in a while you see a performer and you know their music will be a part of     ...your life ...forever... just hits you, a combination of the melody, the lyrics and the presentation...Giovanna!

 Gio Moretti, Sexiest Guitarists #2.

'Princepessa' 'Passione', and 'Animale' were the names I had for Gio Moretti, when I first came to know her.

All were based on how her music affected me. The voice of a Princess, the passion of her compositions, and the stage presents of an 'animale'.

An accomplished oboe player, and a jazz background, Gio has developed her own sound in 'AnimAcusticA' her wonderful CD.

A blend of rhythms, Latin and as she calls it acoustic soul. They won me over as a lifetime fan.

Here is a taste of that marvelous sound; "When You Love Somebody"

Gio has performed in Europe, South America and is now a New Yorker...

 This video expresses Gio's passion for her craft...It's all here...including the 'spirit' that takes over her being when she performs..
                                 Which makes her a special artist...ENJOY!



                                    #2, The 'passione' of Gio Moretti.

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'StreetcredMusic' from New York City film shoot. are some of the pics from our film shoot. 'StreetcredMusic' supporting Indie Artists.
...some great shots which will show you how much fun we are having!!
...and what a group of very talented folks can do when trust and love are utilized.

Amanda Ruzza & Gio Moretti, Caffe Vivaldi
Gio. Sunday in the
Hydra  amazing voices...
Rima Fand, Yulix, Sarah Small 'Hydra'
         Hydra and Yulix &XFM, at their Bowery Ballroom show....

                                          Clara Lofaro, Acapella, Amazing!    

Crop to Cup Coffee Shoppe
                                                 (who is that lucky guy?)

Clara's always thinking 'help others' Crop to Cup Coffee is doing the right thing, world wide.       

    I will never be able to express my thanks to these three 'Angels' for giving me their time, talent, and creativity to try to get a message out...  that will help all Indie Artists.

                                                  'StreetcredMusic' the film.     

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Top Ten Sexiest Guitarists, #3, PJ Harvey

Polly Jean Harvey: an English musician, singer-songwriter, composer and occasional artist. Primarily known as a vocalist and guitarist, she is also proficient with a wide range of instruments including piano, organ, bass, saxophone, harmonica, and most recently, the autoharp.

...but this is a 'sexy' guitar list so.....

PJ, Harvey

 ...let's get to it!!

...My connection with PJ is through, Mike Mastor, a 'chap' I knew in Vegas. He was born and raised in Liverpool, went to high school with Ringo Starr and knew the Beatles...believe it or not he was best friends with Peter Best. He loved the English 'rockers' and introduced me to PJ in 2004.
Mike was entertainment director at the Mirage back then.

 Enjoy: "The Last Living Rose"... is a quote from PJ, and one of the reason I love her, it sounds like me..

"I suppose I give as much as I want to give. I decide immediately if I like a person and if I do, then I'm myself, and if I don't, then I give nothing."

                                A talented, outspoken 'artist' who is never anything but
                                          honest with her fans...

                                             #3 PJ Harvey 

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Top Ten Sexiest Guitarists, #4, Jennifer Batten

Top Ten Sexiest Guitarists: #4 is Jennifer Batten.

Jennifer Batten
 ...once again here are the rules to be considered for my Top Ten...
 1. I must have reviewed you and seen you live...2. You must be sexy (to me), and of course 3. You have to jamm and have a powerful stage presence. 

Stage presents and technical skills are what Jennifer is all about. I met her in LA when I was living in Vegas. She played a gig for some guy (Michael Jackson) the night before. Didn't know of her at the time, but I sure do now.

Take a look:

She played with Jeff Beck's band for three years, and toured with MJ as his lead guitarists, that's all you need to know about her ability and stage presents.

Able to blast you away or slow it to a ballad, she does it all, and she is a 'native New Yorker.'

                                                       Jennifer Batten

Jennifer Batten: Well, my first girl guitar player influence was my sister (Sheri). She had one and I didn’t, and that made me mad [laughs]! So it was jealousy that got me into playing guitar and I let my parents know that the following year, during Christmas time, I wanted a guitar.

Enjoy:   'Flight of the Bumble Beeeeee'

                             It seems like the guitar has no chance in Jennifer's hands,
                                                   it must do what she wants!

                                                          #4 Jennifer Batten!

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Top Ten Sexiest Guitarists, #5, Bekka Lindstrom we enter the Top Five...
...once again here are the rules to be considered for my Top Ten...
 1. I must have reviewed you and seen you live...2. You must be sexy (to me), and of course 3. You have to jamm and have a powerful stage presence. 

#5 is Bekka Lindstrom

Bekka Lindstrom

 I met Bekka outside a theater that was playing 'MoM A Rock Concert Musical' the Fringe Award Winning Musical. I was with one of the producers, I did not know Bekka was in the show. I just though she was an over enthusiastic fan.

When the show started I saw the real enthusiasm, Bekka was wonderful as were all the women in the cast.

Bekka stopped the show with this wonderful tune, that she now owns..."Don't Hold Back' 
I emailed her the next day and we became friends...

Here is a peek at the show, featuring Bekka... way to describe this wonderful artist is her own quote on facebook...
                           "Bekka is an actor who makes her living as a graphic artist,
                                               even though she's actually a writer who sings."

                                              Bekka brings two things to the stage,
                                                                     her amazing talent, and honesty!                                             
                                                          #5, Bekka Lindstrom 

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'Streetcredmusic' Documentary Film Supporting Indie Artists: Photos

'StreetcredMusic' my documentary film on Indie are some of the hundreds of photos of us having a ball, bringing it to you!

Yulix.. Yulix&XFM

...this is Yulix's Angelic opening number at The Bowery Ballroom...6/9/2012

Same show...Yulix, doin what she does....making music, spreading love!

Yulix and Sarah Small  2/3's of Hydra!, passion, Gio Moretti doing her live set...this was her solo..Jobim's, 'Insensatez'
in Italian!!

Gio then 'rocked' with her ladies to tunes from her CD....AnimAcusticA

meanwhile, me and Clara Lofaro got stuck in traffic in Brooklyn??

...then the night of Yulix's show at the Bowery Ballroom, we had a great chat (interview) at the roof top apartment of Bekka and Donna Jean in Chelsea. It was a serious side of CLo about her motivation to write the incisive lyrics she composes. 

...this was when we finished the serious part, she always laughs at me!
I love her soooo, you will too!!

                                    'StreetcredMusic', the film!

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Top Ten Sexiest Guitarists, #6, Eleanora Bianchini

'World Latin Music' is what she told me she calls her genre. This wonderful lady has shared the stage with the best on the planet. Beautiful, talented, creative, charming, #6, Eleanora Bianchini!


 Originally from Perugia, Italy, Eleonora Bianchini is a young Italian singer who creates a warm and charming atmosphere through the sound of her voice. She is inspired by many Brazilian and Latin American artists such as Rosa Passos, Djavan, Caetano Veloso, Mayte Martin and Eva Ayllon. They have all greatly influenced her music, and it is thanks to their art, that she has discovered a secret place inside herself where a passion for Latin music has always existed.

Eleanora Bianchini


...she has moved back to Italy from New York City.....we miss her!

                                         #6, Eleanora Bianchini.

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Gio Moretti, at the Shrine, with AnimAcusticA

Alex, Amanda, Gio, Kayce..'AnimAcusticA'
GIO MORETTI   on voice & acoustic guitar
ALEX NOLAN   on elec. guitar & vocals
ROSA AVILA on drums
and special guest :  SIMONA D on cello & vocals
Simona D...

We are gonna Rock the place for sure!!!
...the words of Gio...
July 9th is the date, 10:30 PM
Gio, AnimAcustica,
 Gio: AnimAcusticA is back to SHRINE with a brand NEW LOOK!!! is a clip the band did in their last live show, for 'StreetcredMusic' a documentary film...


Top Ten Sexiest Guitarists, #7, Janice Marie Johnson

Grammy: Best New Artist of the Year (with former band, A Taste of Honey)

  • Grammy Nominee: Best R&B Single and Best Vocal Performance by a Group or Duo (Taste of Honey)
  • Gold Prize: Album, Annual Tokyo Music Festival
  • Gold Prize: Songwriter, Annual Tokyo Music Festival
  • 2002 NAMA for "Best Producer of the Year", Until the Eagle Falls
  • Janice-Marie's songs have been covered by many, including Ice Cube,Mary J. Blige, MC Lyte, Positive K, Pure Sugar European artists, Martin Carboo and Peter Andre.
  • Her music has been featured in TV and movies: "All My Children, The Nanny, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Beverly Hills 90210, Touched By An Angel and many others....
...and a friend!! Top Ten Sexiest Guitarists, #7, Janice Marie Johnson.
 ...and a member of the Native American Performers Hall of Fame...
       ............'Hall of Fame'

a wonderful career, of different genres, but this is her legacy....Enjoy:  
A Taste of Honey!! friend JJ, #7

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Top Ten Sexiest Guitarists, #8, Ana Vidovic

...once again here are the rules to be considered for my Top Ten...
 1. I must have reviewed you and seen you live...2. You must be sexy (to me), and of course 3. You have to jamm and have a powerful stage presence. 

Number 8 is from Karlovac, Croatia, Ana Vidovic!  

 Ana Vidovic

...the youngest student ever to study at the National Musical Academy, in Zagreb at age 13.
...her older brother and father played guitar, she never plays any other instrument than a Jim
Redgate, she says it 'fits' her style.

She has lived in the United states since 2003. I saw her at the 92Y, in 2005 and wrote a review, but it is not available, I was working for a what do you call them?  Oh yea a corporation!

She speaks with the most infectious accent, she is beautiful....and a virtuoso!


                                                              #8, Ana Vidovic

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